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The GOP Is Dead, Long Live American Populism

Today the Texas GOP voted to delete its Gab account after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott falsely maligned Gab as “anti-semitic.” The vote of 35-25 in favor of deleting the Gab account shows that the Texas GOP has an ongoing civil war in the party which is reflective of a much broader situation that is unfolding at the national level in the Republican party.

The GOP has no problem staying on Facebook, the platform that is used in over half of online child sex crimes and had over 20 million cases of child exploitation last year alone. Not to mention the mass censorship of conservatives and Christians that happens on Facebook. The Texas GOP is perfectly fine with that.

Perhaps Gov. Greg Abbott is transforming the Texas GOP into the party of the disgraced Lincoln Project instead of the party of the American People. A poor decision.

The GOP has been so totally subverted by special interests, foreign nations, and big donor checks that it clearly no longer represents the interests of the American People.

How did this happen?

Woke, liberal, establishment subversives like Cat Parks have invaded the GOP and worked to take it down from within. When you allow even one woke critical theorist into your organization their toxic ideology will inevitably destroy everything and anything that gets in their way.

There is nothing “conservative” about someone like Cat Parks. As Pedro Gonzalez of American Greatness exposed, Cat Parks is as woke as they come and she has no place in the America First movement or conservatism in general for that matter. If you see these people creeping into your local Republican party, you best make sure they get voted out or fired immediately.

“We should be the party of diversity,” Parks told the Tribune. “We should be the big-tent party.” Parks oversaw a task force, she said, that recruited the “highest number of women, minorities and people under the age of 40 in Republican Party of Texas history.” She also attacked the state GOP’s stance on “traditional marriage,” pushing Republicans to embrace LGBTQ ideology. 

There is nothing stunning, brave, or courageous about deplatforming yourself from Gab at a time when no other technology platform on the internet will allow your voters to speak freely online.

Perhaps that’s the lesson here.

The Establishment GOP doesn’t want you to speak freely online. They don’t want you to point out obvious truths for others to see. They don’t want any Populist movement to overthrow their power structures and control of the party.

The good news is that we don’t need them.

What has been started can’t be stopped.

Gab is too big to ignore and has very clearly become the ultimate America First litmus test.

The GOP is dead, long live American Populism.

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King
March 27th, 2021