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Big Tech Will Not Undermine the Alt-Tech Movement

After my last few blog posts people have been messaging me and asking why I am criticizing alt-tech phonies like Gettr, Rumble, and Parler when I should instead be focused on the common enemy of Big Tech. These people don’t realize that by calling out these fakers, I am indeed focused on Big Tech because they are nothing more than subversive subsidiaries of Big Tech itself.

These platforms are literally all built on Big Tech infrastructure, they all have Big Tech “hate speech” rules, and they are all distributed on Big Tech app stores with Big Tech trackers hidden in their code.

What don’t you understand?

They are Big Tech, but with a different logo.

Let’s talk about the reality of what is going to happen to Gettr, Rumble, Truth Social, and anyone else who thinks they are going to provide an alternative to Big Tech–while depending on Big Tech infrastructure.

Gab’s Law: If it’s in the App Stores,and/or hosted on Big Tech servers it’s not free speech. Period.

If it depends on Big Tech infrastructure it is a de facto subsidiary of Big Tech by default.

As soon as these platforms get any reasonable traction Big Tech will pull the rug.

They did it to Gab in 2018.

They did it to Parler in 2021.

They can and absolutely will do it to Rumble, Gettr, and Truth Social.

Gettr bans “hate speech” and bans right wing dissidents thinking they will appease Big Tech. They don’t get it. You can’t play by the rules in a rigged system on a battlefield owned by your enemy.

Truth Social will likely take the same approach: ban “hate speech” to stay on the app stores. This strategy is doomed. If not “hate speech” Big Tech will nuke them from orbit with one click for

-Covid/Vax “misinformation”

-Election “misinformation”

-Threats to “muh democracy”

Take your pick. These platforms are under the thumb of Silicon Valley while at the same time trying to threaten the hegemony of Silicon Valley power. How do you think that is going to play out?

So are you going to go to these platforms and spend months building up a following, posting your content, and spending all of your time being tracked by Big Tech in the process? Then one day you wake up and the entire platform is gone. That’s what happened to Parler. In their case they were off the internet for months, and never recovered–even after bending the knee to Apple to get back on the App Store.

Gab is the clear choice because we see clearly through the fog of war. A war that we have been trailblazing for 5 and a half years now. We survived every level of attack and are standing more resilient than anyone else in the market by a long shot.

We are past the point of overcoming the need for Big Tech infrastructure because we spent years building our own.

Gettr, Truth Social, and Rumble will act as great shields for Gab. Just like Parler did. Parler took all the blame for January 6th while Gab exploded in growth and kept building. These other phonies will distract all of our enemies, who will turn their attacks to those platforms, leaving Gab to build and grow in peace. All we have to do is wait patiently for what will undoubtably happen.

When, not if, Gettr, Rumble, and Truth Social get nuked from orbit by Big Tech like Parler did Gab will be ready and waiting.

Gab is inevitable.

Andrew Torba
Jesus Christ is King of Kings