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The Parallel Economy Fund

At Gab we are pioneering a Parallel Economy to offer people a real choice to engage in commerce with those who share their values. We know we can’t do this monumental task alone, which is why we are excited to announce a new initiative that we are working on: the Parallel Economy Fund.

Gab will be investing in early stage startup businesses who are working to solve a set of problems in the Parallel Economy. This could be in technology, media, healthcare, finance, or a few other areas of interest to us that we will elaborate more on in the future.

Some of our areas of interest right now include:

  1. Making Bitcoin more user friendly and privacy focused for everyday use
  2. Censorship resistant shipping & logistics
  3. 3D Printed 2nd Amendment protection
  4. Decentralized Christian healthcare options
  5. Software for homeschooling parents
  6. Distributed pasture grazed meat distribution and butchering
  7. Christian Entertainment/Content
  8. Mesh networks, radio technology, and alternative forms of off grid communication.
  9. Technology for Churches and planting Churches
  10. Christian AirBnb

Gab will invest 25-50k in startup capital, Gab Ads credit, Gab Cloud services for free speech hosting services, and access to the Gab community of entrepreneurs for mentorship and help with scaling and distribution.

We know that there are many builders and pioneers right here in the Gab community. We want to give them access to the capital, distribution, free speech infrastructure, and mentorship they need to be successful.

I’m excited to share more about the Parallel Economy Fund in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned because we are about to turn the world of early stage startup investing on its head. We will be providing more information and opening up applications soon.

Andrew Torba