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How To Use Gab’s AI Image Generator

Gabby is our image-generating AI that can be used by sending a direct message to the @AI account on Gab. The quality and accuracy of the image generated will depend on the prompts you give Gabby to complete. The better refined your prompt, the better refined your generated image will be. This guide aims to help you hone your prompting skills to get the best results possible.

Describe exactly what you want to see generated

The first thing to know about prompts is that details matter. If your prompts are simple with one or two words you’ll often get randomly generated images or something you were expecting. Let’s use the example of making a request for a drawing of a dog.

The best prompts look something like this:

A [type of picture] of a [main subject], [style cues], [additional style cues]

Example: A German Shepherd dog on sitting on a porch, hyperrealistic, 4k

When I simply input “dog” the images it generated are beautiful, but this isn’t what I was looking for. I wanted an image of my White German Shepherd. So let’s be a little more descriptive in our prompt. This time I’ll request “A White German Shepherd Dog sitting on a porch, hyperrealistic, 4k, highly detailed.” When you are being descriptive with your prompt styles, be sure to separate your style requests with commas. In this example I wanted the image to be hyperrealistic, 4k, and highly detailed.

Naming Different Artists or Art Styles

Another cool trick is asking for an image in the style of a particular artist or type of art. For example: A White German Shepherd dog sitting on a porch, Vincent Van Gogh.

Try invoking a specific art medium

If the style is unspecified, it will lean toward photorealism

Examples: “a watercolor painting of a farm” “a child’s drawing of a school”
Try: painting, drawing, sketch, pencil drawing, woodblock print, matte painting, child’s drawing, charcoal drawing, an ink drawing, oil on canvas, graffiti, watercolor painting, fresco, stone tablet, cave painting, sculpture, work on paper, needlepoint

Too many small details may overwhelm the bot:

Avoid: “a dog on roller skates juggling razor blades in a hurricane” 

Try: “a dog that’s a hurricane of chaos”

Additional Style Options

3D renders & realism

Will improve the image: unreal engine, octane render, bokeh, vray, houdini render, quixel megascans, arnold render, 8k uhd, raytracing, cgi, lumen reflections, cgsociety, ultra realistic, 100mm, film photography, dslr, cinema4d, studio quality, film grain

2d art

Will improve the image: digital art, digital painting, trending on artstation, golden ratio, evocative, award winning, shiny, smooth, surreal, divine, celestial, elegant, oil painting (helps improve multiple styles), soft, fascinating, fine art, official art, keyvisual


stunning environment, wide-angle, aerial view, landscape painting, aerial photography, massive scale, street level view, landscape, panoramic, lush vegetation, idyllic, overhead shot


wallpaper, poster, sharp focus, hyperrealism, insanely detailed, lush detail, filigree, intricate, crystalline, perfectionism, max detail, 4k uhd, spirals, tendrils, ornate, HQ, angelic, decorations, embellishments, masterpiece, hard edge, breathtaking, embroidery


bloom, god rays, hard shadows, studio lighting, soft lighting, diffused lighting, rim lighting, volumetric lighting, specular lighting, cinematic lighting, luminescence, translucency, subsurface scattering, global illumination, indirect light, radiant light rays, bioluminescent details, ektachrome, glowing, shimmering light, halo, iridescent, backlighting, caustics


vibrant, muted colors, vivid color, post-processing, colorgrading, tone mapping, lush, low contrast, vintage, aesthetic, psychedelic, monochrome


Need some additional help?

Try this prompt generator tool for ideas.

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