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LinkedIn blocked 21.6M Fake Accounts In First Half of The Year, In Other News LinkedIn Is Still A Thing

LinkedIn stopped and removed a bunch of fake accounts this year, but the bigger story here is that LinkedIn is still a thing. LinkedIn is notoriously used by crazed “activists” to dox people they don’t like and get them fired from their jobs for tweets they sent ten years ago.

If you were smart you’d delete your profile over there, especially if you post anything even remotely political on the internet. Outside of sales reps and recruiters, it’s unclear why anyone still uses LinkedIn. But at least they stopped the fake resume accounts from being created, yay!

LinkedIn blocked or removed 21.6 million fake accounts on its platform from January to June of this year, a sign that the Microsoft-owned social network is actively fighting some of the same issues that have plagued Facebook, Twitter and others.

In a blog post, LinkedIn’s Head of Trust and Safety Paul Rockwell wrote that the vast majority of the fake accounts — 19.5 million — were blocked at the registration stage, meaning they never went live on the network. The company spotted another 2 million fake accounts, and members flagged 67,000 more accounts.

LinkedIn said 98 percent of the fake accounts were blocked or removed through the network’s automated defenses, and the rest were captured by humans.“We want to make sure our community continues to be a valuable resource for you; one that creates opportunities to find jobs, make connections and grow careers,” Rockwell wrote. “When we stop fake accounts, we start more chances for economic opportunity. We are committed to using every measure available to maintain your safety, allowing everyone to access economic opportunity while feeling supported and secure.”

Archived Source: LinkedIn blocked 21.6M fake accounts in first half of year, as scrutiny of social media giants grows – GeekWire