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PATRIOT Google Insider Goes Public With Hundreds Of Internal Documents Showing Conservative “Blacklists” And More

Zachary Vorhies, a Google insider, has gone public with leaked documents from Google. Project Veritas has the scoop which shows the dark side of Google. After Google issued a request for police to perform a “check up” on their insider as an intimidation tactic, this led Vorhies to leak the documents. Within these documents included evidence that Google was in fact trying to alter elections and treat conservative voices differently than those on the left.

Google responded with an attempt to intimidate Vorhies once the report of the “algorithmic unfairness” was released by asking for several requests from Vorhies. They requested for him to relinquish any documents he may have maintained. These documents were sent in to the Department of Justice Antitrust Division by Vorhies. These events are what lead to the “check-up” including police, the FBI, and SWAT team showing up to Vorhies door step which apparently is the kind of insane intimidation tactic Google uses once an employee has turned their back on the company.

The hundreds of documents that Vorhies turned over contained an array of information showing how sinister Google can be. The information included “blacklists” for news media outlets that would not appear on Google feeds which included conservative media sites. Other documents included the hiring process as well which shows legal concerns that could be raised in regard to Google’s hiring practices.

Overall Vorhies is relieved to have this burden off of his back is and glad the public has more insight to exactly what is going on at Google. Vorhies also hopes that since he has come forward more individuals working at Google will follow suit.

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