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Gab Status

May 23rd, 12:30pm EST

The site is back up and running. We are working on an outstanding issue with image uploading which should be resolved tonight.

May 22nd, 12pm EST

We made dramatic improvements to several database queries and have begun production testing to gather information on their performance. We will be continuing this process throughout the day, Gab will still have rolling downtime during this testing.

May 21st, 4:15pm EST

Notifications are now loading chronologically as expected and performance has improved dramatically. We are on track for being up by end of week, but are doing everything we can to get you the best Gab experience we can as soon as possible.

  • Replicating Gab’s terabytes of data to a 2nd database server (will take time)
  • Performing system-level maintenance and configuration of existing production servers
  • Testing and qualifying back-end performance enhancements
  • Continuing to optimize the home timeline service for everyone

May 20th, 5:30pm EST

The data optimization discovered earlier is being applied to the production database. The change will then be tested on current production servers. We will be measuring for expected performance improvements. The team continues to make additional optimizations throughout the system while the data situation is being corrected. Work continues on the front-end to address issues with Notifications and enhance their performance.

May 20th, 2:30pm EST

The team has identified a major data optimization in Groups and is resolving it now. This change reduces an area of data use by an order of magnitude without changing how Groups work.

May 20th, 9am EST
-Working in our datacenter to configure new hardware
-Continuing to clean up existing backend code
-Working on further optimization of the new frontend code

May 19th 9pm EST
-Optimizing queries on the new Gab design
-Cleaning up existing backend code