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The Libertine Losers Defending Pornhub

The “conservatives” defending Pornhub after both Mastercard and Visa rightfully deplatformed them from monetizing illegal child exploitation are not conservative at all. They are libertine losers. Pornhub doesn’t just deserve to be deplatformed by Mastercard and Visa, the people running it deserve to be in jail.

It took the New York Times exposing Pornhub for people to finally pay attention to reality: Pornhub hosts rampant and illegal child exploitation, content featuring victims of human trafficking and rape, and worse.

The losers defending Pornhub have no place in the American Populist movement. They have no right to call themselves “conservative.” The communist left can have these people, they’ll fit in better with them anyway.

These same people all said absolutely nothing when Visa banned Gab and blacklisted my family for no reason this summer. Now they are whining on Twitter about “muh slippery slope” because Pornhub was banned by Mastercard and Visa for hosting child porn.

Give me a break.

Let’s get one thing straight: porn is not “free speech.” Banning porn in July of 2019 was the best decision Gab ever made and I wish we did it sooner. After making that decision our traffic grew tenfold and continues to do so because it turns out not many people want to see porn in their social media feeds.

At an absolute minimum KYC (Know Your Customer) verification should be required to access all porn sites. This isn’t new technology. It’s currently implemented across securities trading websites, gambling websites, cryptocurrency exchanges, payment processors, and more.

It would be very easy to implement this KYC technology into existing porn sites, all we need is for Congress to act and draft legislation that regulates the pornography industry into oblivion.

When porn was limited to the shady sex shop in the corner of town eight year olds weren’t walking in the door to purchase it. Maybe they found their dad’s Playboy stash once or twice, but they didn’t have infinite access to HD degeneracy in the palm of their hands 24/7.

Some sources say kids first see porn today at 11 years old, while others claim kids as young as 8 are discovering porn for the first time. This is a national travesty and a sign of a decaying and doomed society.

If you think the Founding Fathers of this country wrote the First Amendment to defend something like Pornhub you’re out of your mind and historically illiterate.

If you want to test and see how much protection porn has under the first amendment and under your local city or town’s laws, simply take the “porn isn’t free speech challenge.”

Go down to your local town square with your laptop.

Start by reading some Bible verses and preaching God’s Word, which is absolutely protected by the First Amendment. Then try stumping for a political candidate or staging a peaceful protest. Most people will likely walk past you or stop to listen.

Next, open up any porn site and start streaming the content in the street on your laptop. See how long it takes for the police to show up so you can make your argument to them about how porn is “free speech.”

Let me know how that works out for you.

Look, if we’re gonna start weaponizing the banking system as a society let’s weaponize it against the porn industry and their child exploitation, human trafficking, and destruction of a generation of young minds.

The banking system has already been weaponized against conservative business owners and activist groups, Christians, gun manufactures and suppliers, cryptocurrency startups, and more.

Anyone who doesn’t know this hasn’t been paying attention. So if the communist left is going to weaponize the banking system against conservative business owners and Christians, perhaps it’s time we start pressuring Visa and Mastercard to go after their golden idols too with porn being the almighty golden coomer calf to start with.

It’s time to wake up and realize that we are in a digital information and culture war. If legal, legitmate businesses like Gab are forced to use bitcoin and check by mail to accept payments online, then Pornhub should be too.

Get out your checkbooks, coomers.

Meet the Libertine Losers From Twitter dot com

The following tweet is the only legitimate response to Pornhub being deplatformed by Visa and Mastercard:

Andrew Torba
December 10th, 2020
Jesus is King