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Advertising on Gab

Earlier this year I wrote about creating a new online economy separate from the Globalist American Empire that has a death grip on our culture and commerce. We must stop feeding the beast that is using profits from our purchases to fuel the destruction of our country, our faith, and our families.

We must support business owners and creators who share our values. This is the only way that we will free ourselves from the globalist system of enslavement, degeneracy, and destruction.

At Gab we have been working towards making this new online economy possible with several initiatives. When you allow free speech to thrive, free markets will inevitably follow. Our number one priority for 2021 is enabling a free market to form in the Gab ecosystem.

What are the tools needed to create a new online economy?

-Distribution and communication tools powered by Gab Social and Gab TV
-Resilient payment processing, powered by GabPay
-A Marketplace, which is being built as we speak and integrated into Gab Social
-Advertising, so businesses can reach customers and customers can support businesses who share their values

Before founding Gab I built a digital advertising company over the course of six years. I’m bringing my knowledge of that industry to Gab Ads by working to make an ethical ads ecosystem that doesn’t invade people’s privacy and track them all over the internet.

Advertising on the internet doesn’t need to be some complex intrusive process in order to be powerful and effective. It simply needs to get the right message in front of the right audience for the right price. When you advertise on Gab, our community knows that you are supporting Gab and will therefore be much more likely to support your business in return.

Over the past year we have been using Gab Ads on Gab ourselves to sell GabPRO subscriptions and merchandise from our Shop. It’s been wildly successful for our business and we want to open up the opportunity for business owners on Gab to do the same for their business.

The first phase of Gab Ads will be invite-only. We will be hand selecting advertisers who we believe will be successful on Gab for the beta version of this system. Later this year we will be launching a self-serve Gab Ads system that allows any business owner to create, manage, and monitor their ad campaigns on Gab.

GabPRO customers will not see Gab Ads, however many of our customers have been asking for a way to opt-in to seeing ads so they can support businesses who advertise on Gab. Can any other social network say that they have customers who eagerly want to see advertisements? I don’t think so.

The first phase of Gab Ads will be for advertising on Gab’s platforms Gab Social and Gab TV. Early next year we will be opening this up beyond our own platforms by allowing publishers to place Gab Ads on their websites. Our goal with this product is not only to replace Facebook and Twitter ads, but also to replace Google Adsense and help publishers monetize their web traffic with Gab Ads.

This advertising ecosystem will lift up the entire alternative media landscape and give publishers and businesses a real alternative to Google, Facebook, and Twitter’s dominance of online advertising.

Gab’s Audience Size and Demographics

-100 million+ page views a month
-15 million+ unique visitors a month
-80% of traffic is based in the United States
-Estimated core demographic age range: 20-60
-The typical Gab user is a Conservative Christian with a family and interests in hunting, fishing, cars, camping, news, politics, rural living, homeschooling, privacy, free speech, cryptocurrency, guns, and cooking among others.

Sample Ad Placement On Gab

Home Feed Ad Placement
Right Hand Column Ad Placement

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