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A Massive Update To Gab

This weekend we shipped a huge update to Gab that we are excited to share with you. First, because we own our own servers and don’t depend on the likes of Big Tech service providers such as Amazon to stay online, we need to maintain, upgrade, and monitor our own servers.

We spent last week optimizing our existing hardware to prepare for a big expansion and introduction of new hardware that we purchased at the end of last year. These optimizations resulted in Gab’s speed and performance doubling.

Introducing Gab Feeds

With Gab Feeds you create your own custom feed that others can subscribe to. Feeds can either be private and only viewed by you or Public and subscribed to and viewed by anyone. Our vision for this feature is to take it to the next level by allowing you to “create your own Feed algorithm.”

You’ll be able to add users, groups, hashtags, and more plus decide how it is filtered and presented. This has never been done before and for the first time social media users will be able to fully create and shape their own feed algorithm and then share it with others as well. Stay tuned for more development on this exciting new feature.

In the meantime subscribe to or bookmark these Public Feeds (which can be viewed even if you are not signed into Gab.)

View the Covid Experts Feed

View the Based Christian Gabbers Feed

View the Election 2022 Candidates Feed

View the America First Feed

Introducing Bookmark Collections

Bookmark Collections for GabPRO members. Under the “Bookmarks” tab in your profile, you are able to create collections. These are private and only shown to you. All of your existing bookmarks are categorized now as Saved “Bookmarks”. In order to swap existing bookmarks to a newly created Bookmark Collection you can do so from within the three dots (•••) on the status, finding “Update bookmark collection” then selecting a new bookmark collection to save it to.

PRO Life Badge

We added new profile preference for GabPRO Lifetime members. You can now change your “PRO” badge in your profile to display “PRO Life” from your account preferences at and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Media sidebar panel to profiles on desktop.

Notification Tools

Added settings button in Notifications page to “Clear all notifications” (deletes all your notifications from all time) and to “Mark all as read”.

All of public Gab content is now explorable even if you do not have a Gab account!

Public groups and their statuses are now visible to people even if they are not a member of Gab.

Comments underneath statuses are now visible to people even if they are not a member of Gab.

Other bug fixes in this update:

  • Fixed issue with statuses from accounts you’ve muted not being hidden.
  • Fixed issue with the composer page always going to Home when clicking then back button.
  • Fixed issue in profile meta data info section where content would overlap or go off the page if text was too long. Now it goes to the next line and fits.
  • Fixed issue with private/locked accounts displaying statuses if directly navigated to/entered in the url bar.
  • Added ability to hover a username in a status and have a user info card popup.
  • Removed limitations on Chat Messages if you are a GabPRO member. You will no longer be limited to the number of Chat Messages you can send per hour/day.
  • Updated the “Post to” dropdown in the composer to display groups in alphabetical order.

Also please save this link for how to get the Gab app on your phone.

It will be crucial to help your friends and family get on Gab especially since we are banned from both app stores.

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