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Being Winsome and Nice Won’t Cut It Anymore, Christian

by Pastor Andrew Isker

On Monday, March 27, a woman who believed she was a man deliberately attacked a conservative Christian school in Nashville, murdering three nine-year-old children and three staff members. It was a deliberate terror attack by a transgender on Christians and their children. A 28-year-old woman named Aubrey Hale, who also went by “Aiden” and demanded others use male pronouns to refer to her, was shot dead by police minutes after the attack began.

Given these circumstances, any reasonable person can safely conclude this was an ideological attack. Whether Hale’s manifesto recovered from her vehicle ever sees the light of day is another story, especially if it is damaging to the transgender narrative the regime has devoted massive resources to prop up. What can be pieced together is that:

You Cannot Come To God On Your Own Terms

1 Samuel 28

One of the most lamentable things about the contemporary American religious landscape is that faith is so often treated as a product that is peddled to consumers and not sincere faith in the God of the Bible. You can shut yourself off from what the Bible actually says and easily find some religious authority who will tell you everything you want to hear. Similarly, in 1 Samuel 28, King Saul had rejected God, God no longer spoke to him, and so, on the eve of Battle, Saul did what was punishable by death in consulting with mediums who would tell him what he wanted to hear. And in the very end, he found out what he needed to hear instead.

Training The Believer To Wield Power

1 Samuel 27

by Pastor Andrew Isker

There is no topic more controversial within conservative Christianity today than the Christian’s relationship to political power. Many Christians believe it is the duty of the Christian to refuse to wield power, leaving it only in the hands of the wicked and godless. But the Bible does not teach that. In fact, the Bible gives us many examples of God raising men up to wield power wisely and shrewdly on behalf of his people. An entire book of the Bible, Proverbs, is about training a son to one day rule as a king. The Bible is a book about maturing men to be able to use authority well. David in 1 Samuel is the prime example of this.

The Christian Nationalist Counter-Offensive Has Begun

by Pastor Andrew Isker

The Left is continuing to lose its mind when it comes to Christian Nationalism. American Christians, of which there are tens of millions, continue to grow stronger in their opposition to Leftism and Globalism. Despite the pessimism from many regarding the 2022 election, in many places, self-consciously right-wing and Christian leaders have gone on the offensive. The Left thought it won big, staving off a red wave, but in reality, it has summoned bold leadership from those who finally know the time of day.

The Uncommon Act, the Moral Arc, and How We Should Consider Historical Figures

by ThinkingWest

In recent years angry protesters across the United States have toppled several statues depicting historical figures from America’s past. Much of this anger is driven by outrage at the atrocities in which these historical figures were involved.  Unfortunately, much of this anger has been targeted at individuals whose contribution to American history isn’t completely negative in the eyes of the majority of Americans. Even several likenesses of the Founding Fathers have been toppled at the whim of some vehement mob1,2.

Here I Stand

by Ryan Turnipseed

For those who do not know recent Christian history, the last sixty years have been a dark, trying time for any true, historical Christianity. The Mainline Protestants, like the Methodists or the ELCA, have become apostates who zealously ordain women and homosexuals, push transgenderism, fund Marxism, and espouse paganism. The Roman Catholics have seen the rise of multiple ever-growing sects of progressives and modernists, especially in Latin America and Germany, that would love nothing more than to take Rome with them. The conservative Protestants have not been untouched either. The Southern Baptist Convention was written off as a fallen, liberal denomination in the 1970s for its lax stance on abortion. The conservative Presbyterian Church in America formed as a breakaway from a predecessor of the increasingly liberal Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) is not a large church by comparison. This only explains why you may not have heard of it or paid any attention to it. What follows is a critical moment in Christianity in the United States, which every American Christian should know to ready themselves and their neighbors for the intensifying persecution and suppression of right Christian doctrine.

Martyrdom in Trashworld

The Psychological and Social Persecution of Christians in Current Year

By Pastor Andrew Isker

Most American Christians have been told their entire lives to be ready to give their lives for Jesus Christ. But the enemies of Christ in the modern globalist world are not going to feed you to lions or burn you at the stake. Instead, if you are a Christian in modern trashworld, your martyrdom will be psychological. Not only will this psychological torment happen to you, it already has begun.

Like many young Christians who first discovered the history of the Christian faith, I was inspired by the stories of martyrs. How could you not be filled with enthusiasm and passion hearing the examples of men and women who gladly went to their excruciating deaths, refusing to deny their Lord? Being thrown to lions, set on fire, beaten, tortured, imprisoned, and starved. I read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, detailing the history of Christian martyrs from the early church to the Reformation, and was filled with awe. After all, how could you not be?

Climate Change, Elite Powers, and Christianity

By Fr. Zechariah Lynch

I remember back to my elementary school days in the 1980s, I had a sweet bowl-cut, knee-high socks – yes, white with colored stripes on the top – plaid shorts and a long underwear shirt under my tee-shirt. Yes, I was bold enough to mix plaid and stripes. Sometimes I think the 90’s Grunge movement saw some of my childhood pictures and just copied them. But I have no proof. In those days of terrible fashion, I can remember sitting in school and being instructed in the emerging doctrine of the progressive seclorum – environmentalism. Of course, at that time it was simply called “global warming” and today the dogmatic title is “climate change.” Frightening images of ecological disasters were presented as the grim future that awaited us. Environmental doom was coming, no one knew the day or the hour for certain, but coming it is, this they taught as a certainty. The only possible hope of salvation was to hearken to the voices crying out on behalf of the environment. We must all work together to “save the plant.” On a basic level, a laudable endeavor. No sane human person wants the earth to implode on itself. As many in my generation, I have been instructed in the seclorum’s apocalyptic end-times dogma of “climate change.”1