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Gab News Guest Writer Form

So you want to get try your hand at getting a featured article on the Frog Blog? Here is a simple form to fill out which is the only way to begin that process.

You are welcome to use a pseudonym, or whatever you are most known by in online communities.
Your provided name will be linked to your gab account at the top of the article. You will also be tagged in the published post that makes it onto the app. Edifying engagement with the reader base is highly encouraged.
If you select "Other", please detail this option succinctly in the following field.
IMPORTANT: If the Gab News team is intrigued by your entry here, we will contact you at the email provided. It is then that we will ask for an appropriate document and applicable images.
State which version you use in your work.
This will be featured at the very end of your post. Feel free to include links to any promotion or sale of books, ministries, or products.
Suggested threshold is approximately 2,000 words

A few final bits of advice

  • Be assertive, not suggestive. Be bold, in your boldness, be thorough.
  • Include citations to things which you are speaking from a matter of fact. Especially data and statistics.
  • Do not use: ALL CAPS, ellipsis, use. of. period. breaks., etc. This is not a social media post.
    This is a major publication that reaches thousands to millions, have some scope.
  • Know your audience. If you aren’t active in the Gab community, you are missing the point. Know the meta of what Gab, well, is. You don’t need to explain what the liberals or enemies are, we all already know that, that is why we are here.

We are legitimately thrilled by how well this experimental blog style has been going since last winter. Some of your posts have gone so far as to hit air time on major news shows and others have had response pieces published from the other side of the culture war. As Senior Editor, I cannot wait to read and publish more knock-out articles in Bold Christian Writing. Whether this season be simply called Spring, or Great Lent, may this time be fruitful and of new beginnings for all of you.

Christ is King

Richard Osgar S.E. of Gab news