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Climate Change, Elite Powers, and Christianity

By Fr. Zechariah Lynch

I remember back to my elementary school days in the 1980s, I had a sweet bowl-cut, knee-high socks – yes, white with colored stripes on the top – plaid shorts and a long underwear shirt under my tee-shirt. Yes, I was bold enough to mix plaid and stripes. Sometimes I think the 90’s Grunge movement saw some of my childhood pictures and just copied them. But I have no proof. In those days of terrible fashion, I can remember sitting in school and being instructed in the emerging doctrine of the progressive seclorum – environmentalism. Of course, at that time it was simply called “global warming” and today the dogmatic title is “climate change.” Frightening images of ecological disasters were presented as the grim future that awaited us. Environmental doom was coming, no one knew the day or the hour for certain, but coming it is, this they taught as a certainty. The only possible hope of salvation was to hearken to the voices crying out on behalf of the environment. We must all work together to “save the plant.” On a basic level, a laudable endeavor. No sane human person wants the earth to implode on itself. As many in my generation, I have been instructed in the seclorum’s apocalyptic end-times dogma of “climate change.”1