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What is Gab?

Gab is a free speech technology company owned and operated by Christians. We build online services that are free from the control and influence of Silicon Valley and special interests. We offer a social networking service, a payment processing service, and a video hosting service among others.

Our mission is to pioneer the Parallel Economy and to empower people around the world to become digitally and physically sovereign over their lives for the glory of God.

Gab refused to censor on behalf of Apple and Google and is banned from both App Stores, but you can still get the Gab app on your phone here.

Our Story

Gab was founded in 2016 by Andrew Torba, a Christian technology entrepreneur who left Silicon Valley to start Gab after he saw the rise in censorship from Big Tech platforms during the 2016 election.

As a result of our free speech principles, Gab has been no-platformed and banned by 25+ service providers over the years including both App Stores, payment processors, hosting providers, and even VISA.

Gab and Andrew have been relentlessly smeared by Big Tech, the mainstream media, academics, members of U.S. Congress, foreign nation states, and more for refusing censor first amendment-protected political speech on Gab.

Despite these challenges Gab has grown to become resilient by depending solely on our community of people from around the world to support the site and by building our own in-house infrastructure from the ground up.

Our Values

Gab’s values are grounded in our Christian faith in Jesus Christ, but we welcome those from all religious backgrounds to join our community.

Regardless of whether Gab’s administrators, outside activist pressure groups, “cancel culture” Internet mobs, the mainstream media, foreign governments, or any other persons agree with any Gabber’s viewpoints: political speech that is protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution will be allowed on the platform. Illegal activity, threats of violence, doxxing, pornography, child exploitation, and spam are not allowed on Gab.

It’s not Gab’s job to “fact check” political opinions, news, history, math problems, memes, or anything else.

We have three jobs:
1. Build scalable technology that empowers everyone to speak freely and participate in the parallel economy.
2. Take action to prevent and remove any illegal activity or criminals in our community.
3. Be good stewards of the resources God blesses us with to fund the development, operation, and growth of the platform, the community, and the parallel economy.

Our community includes tens of millions of people from all different walks of life with diverse ideological beliefs, political opinions, and backgrounds. What we all share is a commitment to preserving free speech online for everyone and building a parallel economy. Our community members are our volunteers, code contributors, investors, donors, customers, and several have even become employees. 

Dear Reader,

The Internet is an amazing innovation. It was the world’s first ‘decentralized’ communication system. The Internet was designed to combat censorship. It was designed to withstand the forces of onerous governments and corporations. But as the Internet matured, the limits of its initial design are becoming obvious.

We believe what was once considered decentralized, is no longer decentralized enough. The free and open Internet has become increasingly controlled and closed by a handful of elites in Silicon Valley. The freedom brought to us by the Internet, and the economic expansion it offers, is under threat.

Thankfully, there are promising new solutions. With these solutions have come promising new opportunities. Market forces are changing and the time is right to build a new parallel economy and internet infrastructure. What follows is a chance to participate in the development of a bold and defiant new society. One built, funded, and driven by The People and grounded on the firm foundation of our faith in Jesus Christ the King of kings and Lord of lords.

We hope you’ll join us.

Andrew Torba

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