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Twitter Accepts Ad Money From Communist Chinese State Media Agency Xinhua to Discredit Protesters in Hong Kong

Twitter is accepting ad dollars from the Communist Chinese State Media Agency Xinhua, Pinboard reports. As protestors fight for their fundamental human rights in the streets, Silicon Valley giants continue to put profit before principles in bowing to the Communist Chinese government in their attempt to discredit protestors in Hong Kong.

This isn’t the first time Silicon Valley has bent over at the behest of the Communist Chinese. Earlier this week Medium took down the blog of Canadian blogger who was covering the protests in Honk Kong. Medium, another Silicon Valley company started by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, has a history of bending the knee when it comes to censorship.

In June Twitter took down accounts of Chinese dissidents ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary. Twitter later apologized and blamed it on a software issue.

Convenient timing.

The accounts began rapidly disappearing just days before the 30th anniversary of the crackdown on a student-led pro-democracy demonstration in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Many online assumed the worst: a coordinated attack by Beijing to project its suffocating internet censorship outside its own digital borders. 

The Chinese government is also showing up to the homes of citizens and forcing them to delete tweets, as reported earlier this year by The Washington Post.

In Beijing and other cities across China, prominent Twitter users confirmed in interviews to The Washington Post that authorities are sharply escalating the Twitter crackdown. It suggests a wave of new and more aggressive tactics by state censors and cyber-watchers trying to control the Internet.

Twitter is banned in China — as are other non-Chinese sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. But they are accessed by workarounds such as a virtual private network, or VPN, which is software that bypasses state-imposed firewalls.

While Chinese authorities block almost all foreign social media sites, they rarely have taken direct action against citizens who use them, preferring instead to quietly monitor what the Chinese are saying.

But recently, Internet monitors and activists have tallied at least 40 cases of Chinese authorities pressuring users to delete tweets through a decidedly low-tech method: showing up at their doorsteps.

This bizarre turn of events for these Silicon Valley companies only started in the last few years. The fact that American companies, which are protected by American law, are bending over backwards to help authoritarian governments like the Communist Chinese, is baffling.

Twitter is already banned in China.

They have nothing to gain by accepting ad dollars from Communists. It’s becoming clear that Silicon Valley is subverted and under the influence of foreign nations. These technocrats no longer uphold American values, American principles, and fundamental human rights as core elements of their businesses.

Instead the almighty yuan is the only principle they stand for.

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