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Posts tagged as “censorship”

WAR: Facebook and Twitter Unleash Mass Censorship To Protect Biden Campaign

Both Facebook and Twitter are censoring this NYPost article to help the Biden campaign. Facebook’s Comms person openly admitted that they were throttling the distribution of the article. Twitter is outright preventing anyone from sharing it.

How “Journalism” Works, According to The Washington Post

Early last week a “journalist” from the Washington Post, a propaganda arm of billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, reached out to me for comment on the Russian Hoax 2.0 narrative that is currently being seeded by the mainstream media. Somehow I had missed this email earlier in the week, but I decided to reply to it this morning anyway to see if I could goad him into writing about us.

Gab Free Speech Radio Episode 5: Exposing The “Conservative” Establishment

In this episode Andrew Torba discusses the cancel culture of the American right wing conservative establishment. Why are they not on Gab while whining about Big Tech censorship? Learn how Conservative Inc and MAGA Inc are one in the same and how Andrew turned down a deal with the devil. Which is why Gab has been shunned by the establishment right ever since. 

Gab Free Speech Radio Episode 4: Why Is Gab’s Wikipedia Page Smeared?

Learn why Gab’s Wikipedia page is smeared, learn who is behind the smear, and what can be done about it.

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