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Twitter Adds Yet Another “Offensive” Filter

Are you a grown adult who can’t handle yourself on the internet? Do you need protection from meanie words online? Well you’re in luck, because Twitter dot com is rolling our yet another “offensive” filter, this time in your DMs.

The social media giant announced today that it is testing a filter for messages that contain offensive content. Messages containing potentially suspect words will be stored away in a folder marked “additional messages.” Users can then opt to see them specifically.

Source: Engadget

As you may or may not know, Twitter already has several of these “offensive” filters in place across the site. From replies to your own tweets, to “quality filter” search results, and now your DM messages will also be protected by Big Brother Twitter Inc, so have no fear!

Twitter has a duty, a moral obligation, to protect you from people saying things like “Thank you for existing.” This type of offensive hate speech can’t stand in the replies to your own tweets. The word “existing” is very offensive to things that do not exist. Thank you Twitter. Thank you for protecting me from these offensive words. Soon I’ll be able to turn off retweets, favorites, follows, and replies so I can shout into the void and not trigger my sensitive feelings.

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