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A Solution To Google’s Tyranny

With Gab’s Dissenter web browser anyone can leave comments on any website without permission from Google—or from the website owner for that matter. Our web browser also blocks Big Tech ads and trackers, includes a TOR privacy tab, and is the fastest web browser on the market. This product is important because Google targeted conservative-leaning publishers, Zerohedge and The Federalist, this week after NBC News whined about the “offensive” content in their comment sections. 

Zerohedge has been banned from running Google ads completely, while The Federalist received a “warning” from Google and was forced to remove their comment section completely. “We have strict publisher policies that govern the content ads can run on, which includes comments on the site,” a Google spokesperson said. “If the site remedies the issues with derogatory or offensive comments, they can be reinstated.”

The words “derogatory” and “offensive” are completely subjective of course. Google is simply exercising its market power to stifle independent publishers who do not bend to the woke progressive orthodoxy. In the case of The Federalist it appears they caved to Google and removed their comment section completely for the time being. 

On the one hand you can’t blame them. Their business would have been undoubtably destroyed without the ability to make advertising revenue. On the other hand you can’t help but to feel like this was a pathetic capitulation to the demands of Google and a shining example of why conservatives continue to lose in culture, technology, media, and more. 

“And as of now, since we have temporarily removed our comments sections, I can assure you they will be back, we are back in Google’s good graces” said The Federalist’s Co-Founder Sean Davis to Breitbart News. 

Yes Sean, you’re in Google’s good graces— for now. Until another activist whines about your “offensive” comment section that is. 

This will undoubtably lead to The Federalist’s comment section being severely moderated—removing any and all content that might kick Sean out of Google’s “good graces” again. 

This is why we have been building an alternative technology ecosystem and community at Gab. Dissenter is just one of the many products we are building and now you know why it is important. The solution to Big Tech tyranny is not to whine and capitulate. The solution is to build, support those who share your values, and vote with your wallet and feet by exiting Big Tech platforms. 

Click here to download the Dissenter browser and you can start leaving comments on The Federalist again.

The story above is one of many reasons why we do NOT have any Google ads on our site.

We do not rely on Big Tech to make money and stay in business.

We do not allow Big Tech to track you to stay in business.

We are 100% funded and supported by people like you.

You are not the product, you are the customer. 

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