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Free Speech And Free Association

At Gab we do not treat our community members like children. 

We are not the arbiters of truth.
We do not want to be the judge of what is “hateful,” “offensive,” or “fake news.” 

Instead we provide the tools to freely associate with the people, groups, and even words you interact with and see on Gab. An important part of the freedom to speak is the freedom to listen—or not listen. On Gab you can follow and engage with people and content you find interesting and block/mute the people and content you find distasteful. The control of your Gab experience is in your hands. You can even mute individual words and phrases using our filter system in your preferences. 

Gab is a viewpoint neutral free speech social network. This means that we allow all forms of political speech that are protected by the first amendment of the United States, even speech that we ourselves dislike.

In theory it’s very easy for people to say they support free speech. In practice, it means they must also support the right of those they find “vile” or “hateful” to also share in that same freedom. 

On Gab you’ll find a lot of people who have incredible insights, thoughts, and ideas. You’ll also find people you disagree with and never want to see again and that’s okay. We believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant and that more freedom, not less, is always the answer. Just because someone shares the same freedom you do to speak their mind, does not mean that you need to associate with them. 

Speak freely. Associate freely. 

God Bless,

Andrew Torba

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