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Building A Community of Real People on Gab

Our goal at Gab is to create authentic conversations between real people. Conversations that aren’t happening in schools, at work, or even at home for most people due to “cancel culture.”

Authentic and powerful conversations only happens when someone feels that they can speak freely, which is why our mission to defend free speech online is crucial. We work very hard to prevent, detect, and remove bot accounts (those that aren’t labeled as such like an RSS feed account) and inauthentic activity.

On most platforms it’s fairly easy for even elementary developers to write engagement bots that force fake engagement with users. We worked very hard to ensure this doesn’t happen and if it does we detect it quickly and take immediate action to stop it.

Engagement on Gab is real and real people know the difference, which is one of many reasons they stay on Gab and become customers. Our community isn’t interested in vanity metrics such as likes, reposts, or number of followers. Our community yearns to speak, to be heard, and to have authentic conversations with real people.

Over the last few months we’ve seen existing users return to Gab in a big way. After we launched the Gab Social redesign and our new user interface site traffic has gone up 57% and our daily active users have doubled. Every month millions of people visit Gab to have real conversations with real people or to read those conversations and learn.

A lot of Gab engagement happens in Gab groups. We have thousands of groups across all different interests and topics. As a new user, entering into some of these groups and posting relevant content will net very high engagement even if you are just starting out and have no followers. For example: gardeners who share photos of their flowers or vegetables in the Gardening group with start conversations with fellow gardeners.

Our focus with product development is to help users discover groups, join them, and share to them as quickly and as easily as possible. We want to foster real conversations between real people. We want everyone to speak freely.

Andrew Torba
July 21st, 2020

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