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Gab’s Biggest Month Ever: The Best Is Yet To Come

Gab Community Members, 

Thank you for the best month in Gab’s four year history. 

We are distinctly honored to serve all 4.6 million of you (and growing!) from around the world. 

Gab was visited ~20 million times in October and served 2.3 billion requests. These requests represent real conversations happening between real people that otherwise would not have been had.

They also represent the free flow of information: several dozen of terabytes of information to be exact. It’s hard to conceptualize just how much data that is, but here is an infographic to help you get a sense of how much information is flowing freely on Gab. 

Is it any wonder that the establishment oligarchs work so hard to shut us down? Their fake narratives cannot stand on the solid ground of Gab and they know it. Their lies and wickedness are being exposed and they aren’t too happy about it.

Rest assured, Gab will prevail because we have God, The People, and Truth on our side. 

I want to extend a special thank you to the many members of the Gab community who generously helped us fund the purchase of new servers and new enterprise hard drives this month.

Gab’s in-house infrastructure continues to grow. Eventually we hope to explore offering this free speech infrastructure to other free speech software startups and media companies. 

The vision for Gab is much bigger than just building an alternative social network.

We are building an alternative online economy. An alternative hosting infrastructure. For all intents and purposes: an alternative internet. One that is grounded in the Christian, Western, and American value of free speech.

Free speech is the bedrock of society, progress, and innovation.

It must be relentlessly preserved and defended at all costs. 

As we approach election day, we encourage you to please tell a friend about Gab today. It has been widely reported that Big Tech is planning a massive crackdown and wave of censorship after the election. Now is the time to tell your friends on Big Tech platforms that the Digital Ark of Gab is waiting for them. 

May God Bless all of you.

Keep the faith, keep praying, and keep speaking freely.

Oh, and don’t forget to vote.

I will be.

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King