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Reporting Live From The Banana Republic of Pennsylvania

“Reporting in live on this week’s episode of Color Revolution, from the Communist-controlled People’s Banana Republic of Pennsylvania it’s resident dissident wrong thinker, Andrew Torba!”

Hello folks!

Well it is day 247 of the 15 days to slow the spread and Grand Emperor Tom Wolf is issuing new guidelines that force families to wear masks in their own homes. Many small businesses have permanently closed from the devastating effects of PA’s clown show lockdowns throughout 2020, so these latest “guidelines” are not all that shocking to us here.

Churches in PA are proactively closing or limited to online worship in what is likely an attempt to escape the tyranny of the state and show a good faith effort to “stop the spread” like good comrades.

This is, of course, what the enemy wants. Satan wants us isolated. Alone. Filled with fear. Turning on one another. Away from the Church. Fully obeying and worshipping the false god of the state or the false god of porn or the false god of alcohol. Whatever distracts our minds with a fleeting sinful moment of illusionary peace as our liberty crumbles before our eyes.

Many here in PA are on edge. They are not themselves. Some have lost their jobs, their businesses, and even their lives.

I’ve witnessed the psychological impact this corona chaos has had on people first hand. The lockdown situation in PA is far worse than anyone realizes. It’s having a measurable impact on the mental and physical well-being of the great people of Pennsylvania.

I’d like to think that Gab is helping many people out there learn that they are not alone. I know it has done so for me while living through this chaos with a young family in PA.

We need to have faith my friends.
Everything is going to be okay.
We will get through this and God will win.
He always does.

One thing I love seeing on Gab is how Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, and other Christians are uniting together across theological differences and focusing solely on Christ and His work at the cross together. It’s as if the collective body of Christ realizes that it is under attack and needs to put on the full armor of God and prepare for spiritual battle.

Many of us are unable to attend church right now, but we are finding some incredible fellowship with one another on Gab. It’s not the same as meeting in person, but it’s infinitely better than total isolation. Praise God for that!

God’s people are uniting on Gab and I think that’s a story that isn’t being told, but it will be.

The community we are building here is really special. When I come to Gab I see such a positive energy. People are saying good morning, welcoming new community members, being very polite and rational. It’s such a radically different vibe compared to other platforms. Gab feels like home. We can’t ever lose this sense of community regardless of how big Gab is destined to become.

Together we can and will achieve greatness. So keep the faith my friends. God is good. God is in control. Trust His timing and His plan.

Speak freely and speak boldly.