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The Big List of Voter Fraud News And What Can Be Done To #StopTheSteal

Military Ballots Found in the Trash in Pennsylvania—Most Were Trump Votes

Arizona Voters File Suit to Restore Their Ballots Cancelled Over Sharpies

Michigan USPS Whistleblower Claims Late Ballots Received Backdated Postmarks

4 VOTERS Older than the Oldest Human Being Alive Today Voted in Michigan Including One Man Born in 1850

Hundreds Of Absentee Ballots In Detroit, Pennsylvania Missing, Not Delivered By Postal Service

Joe Biden Boasts Of ‘Most Extensive’ Voter Fraud ‘In The History Of American Politics’

TENS OF THOUSANDS OF BALLOTS Dropped Off in USPS Boxes at Detroit Absentee Ballot Processing Center at 3:30 AM After Election

Pennsylvania Attorney General States Outcome of Election is Predetermined, Calls Election For Joe Biden Before Election Day

Pennsylvania County Official: Thousands of Mail-In Ballots May Be Lost

Florida Postal Employee Charged with Stealing Mail-In Ballot

Bags Full Of Stolen Ballots Found In Seattle Suburb

Wisconsin Authorities Investigate Absentee Ballots Found In Ditch, As FBI Probes Discarded Pro-Trump Ballots In PA

Nearly 50,000 Ohio Voters Received Wrong Absentee Ballots, Officials Say – CBS Pittsburgh

Texas Poll Watcher Testifies On 2020 Voter Fraud In Houston, Has PHOTOS

Biden’s Texas Political Director, Other Democrats Accused In Illegal Ballot Harvesting Scheme

What Can The Trump Admin Do?

Revolver News Has Ideas:

  1. Challenge every single ballot, in the Supreme Court if necessary.
  2. Hold rallies in contested states.
  3. GOP legislatures in swing states must move to seat Trump electors.
  4. Persuasion campaign and infowar to flip grassroots public opinion in Trump’s favor. Convince the People it was stolen, but that we are going to fight and win it.

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