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The Self-Censorship of YouTube Creators Is Very Sad, Get on Gab TV

Gab TV, our new free speech YouTube alternative, is exploding in growth. Gab TV is hosting videos that you won’t find anywhere else: election fraud videos, banned political commentary, Big Tech-censored documentaries, interviews with doctors who dissent the legacy media narratives on corona, and much more.

Several creators have already had viral videos on Gab TV and tens of thousands of people have already signed up. We expect this trend to continue well into 2021. 

Thousands of creators are flocking to Gab TV to upload their videos on a platform they know won’t remove their videos for “having the wrong opinion.” One of the great travesties of Big Tech censorship is the effectiveness of fear on creators.

Many top YouTube creators are now self-censoring their videos out of the fear of being banned, demonetized, or having videos removed by YouTube. This is incredibly sad.

In many ways it’s worse than an outright ban. Big Tech is conditioning people to bite their tongues not only in videos, but in real life. We must fight back against this great evil and that’s exactly what we are doing with Gab TV. 

With every video uploaded to Gab TV the legacy media oligarchs lose power over the minds of the masses and creators reclaim their voices. We The People will no longer be subjected to the same opinions presented as “news” spouted off by the same five networks on behalf of the uniparty and their oligarchic elite masters.

We refuse to see these same opinions now parroted and propelled by Big Tech platforms while they stifle any and all dissent. We refuse to bite our tongue and shut up. We are the news now and what has started cannot be stopped. 

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