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The Fifth Great Awakening

I have a testimony to share with you.

Typically Christians don’t share testimonies like this because they are “afraid of what people will think.” I posit that Christians should instead start caring about what God thinks. We should also never be afraid to discuss the many ways that God works in our lives or makes His presence known to us.

So I’m going to share this testimony and I’d love to hear from you if you have ever experienced anything similar. I’d also encourage you to openly share your testimonies on social media, at work, or with a friend in the hope and prayer of lifting up our Brothers and Sisters and bringing someone new to the Lord.

This past week I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit overwhelm me to the point of tears, fear, and trembling. It was absolutely surreal and incredible. I can’t even find the words to describe it.

I instantly became distinctly aware of God’s presence, love, grace, and glory. More importantly I became aware of how utterly unworthy I am of it. I remember praying “Lord have mercy on me a sinner” over and over again.This was followed by a flood of peace and joy.

The interesting thing is that this has been happening all week shortly after I spend time in the presence of other Christians. For example on Sunday night after church or after grabbing dinner with Christian friends, etc.

God is working in our lives each and everyday. He is right there with us walking through the fire of the many trials we face as Christians in today’s world. We need to be together. In fellowship. Without masks. In person, not through a livestream.

We are citizens first and foremost of Christ’s Kingdom above all earthy realms. It’s time to start acting like it. We are also exiles in a hostile and foreign world that is in a state of distress. We need to remember that in spite of this Christ our King remains on the throne.

We need to keep the faith my friends. We need to speak openly, boldly, and often about the ways in which God is working in our lives. We must encourage and lift one another up. We must introduce Christ to those around us.

We can’t do any of these things by being silent.

Do not conform to the bogus limitations and cultural taboos that have been fabricated by God’s enemies. Enemies of God don’t get to dictate what Christians can or cannot talk about in public, on the internet, or in casual conversations.

We can, will, and must openly talk about God and share our testimonies to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, to all nations, and to all people forever and ever amen.

The Real Great Awakening Has Nothing To Do With Politics And Everything To Do With Jesus Christ

I firmly believe that we are witnessing the start of a Fifth Great Awakening, not only in America, but across all of Christendom. A Spiritual awakening of God’s people on a massive and historical scale.

I have been blessed with the great honor of being able to see the work God is doing on a daily basis in the form of the Gab community.

Everyday I see Christians from across the faith, be it Catholics, Protestants, or Orthodox believers, sharing their testimonies, discussing God’s Word, buying things from one another, supporting one another, praying for one another, and leading people to Christ. I see the early foundation and fruits of a parallel Christian economy.

Jesus > Every Political “Solution”

Over the past few decades Christians have learned the hard way that we must not put our faith in men, most especially in politicians, or even our own churches and established “Christian” organizations and worldly power structures.

Jesus Christ is the only way out of this mess. Period. It all starts by speaking freely and sharing your faith and testimony as often as you can. It starts in your own heart, then in your family and home, and finally out to the rest of the world.

We must start building from the ground up and meme this Fifth Great Awakening into reality. Presidents and elections won’t and can’t solve the problems in Christendom or in the world writ large. Only Jesus Christ can do that. Christian warriors are rising up to the call and getting to work. We’re building a parallel Christian society and kickstarting the Fifth Great Awakening.

Are you in?

Jesus is King

I don’t know who is reading this, but I want you to know that God loves you and He sent His only son Jesus to die for your sins–and for mine.

He saved us from a life of slavery to sin.

Jesus is the one and only path to the Creator.

Jesus loves you.

I pray that you will follow Him and believe in Him so that you may have everlasting life and experience the true freedom that comes from being redeemed.

To God be the Glory,

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King
October 26th, 2021