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Do Not Comply Under Any Circumstances

Today it was announced that OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is forcing employers with over 100 employees to comply with President Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate by January 4th, 2022 or face heavy fines.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is also giving 17 million healthcare workers until January 4th to be fully vaccinated.

In 2022 we will witness the emergence of a parallel society and I hope to help make that happen with the work we are doing here at Gab. Over the past year we’ve provided tens of millions of people with a variety of resources to fight back against this medical tyranny and infringement of basic human rights.

You can find our religious exemption forms for employees, military service members, and college students here.

You can join the No Vax Job Board group on Gab here to post job listings or find a new job that does not require you to inject yourself with an experimental serum.

You can join Gab and follow accounts like Vaccine Regrets and the Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects group to discover stories that have been heavily censored on Big Tech platforms.

We openly welcome the 84 million+ people in America who do not want to be part of the biggest lab rat experiment in human history. We also welcome those who perhaps got the first or second shot, but are against the never-ending booster shots that will inevitably be required in order to retain employment and exist in society.

OSHA is a small agency. They have 1850 inspectors responsible for 130 million workers. They do not have the manpower to come after every business who refuses to comply with this tyranny. Business owners need to stand strong. Do not bend the knee, do not comply. They literally do not have the power to come after all of us.

If they fine you, ignore it. Don’t pay it. What are they going to do? Nothing. It will be one big ball of chaos and legal battles stretched out for years to come, but at least your employees with have their bodily autonomy and you will have your workforce to continue producing goods and services.

If you have resisted getting the vaccine for this long, do not give in. Do not give them one inch. Do not give them control over your bodily autonomy. There is hope. At Gab we are working to build a parallel digital economy for the “unvaccinated” and anyone else who is fed up with the existing system.

This parallel digital economy will be built on the firm foundation of Christian values. We will exit the destructive system of secular society and build anew for the glory of God. We’re building communication tools, internet infrastructure, financial tools, marketplaces, job boards, advertising systems, and much more.

On Gab people are finding hope for a better tomorrow. They are starting and growing businesses and new jobs. They are connecting with millions of others who share their values and beliefs. They are coming together and building a new society where we can preserve a future for our children together.

Won’t you join us?

All the glory to God,

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King
November 4th, 2021