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Welcome to Gab, Congressman

It is clear that is quickly becoming the center of authentic debate and discussion for the 2022 Midterm Elections. Gab is the only social platform on the internet that allows people to discuss the most important issues of our time without getting shadowbanned, censored, or deplatformed.

Try discussing the 2020 election fraud, vaccine mandates, or the crisis on America’s Southern Border on Big Tech platforms. You’ll quickly be treated like a criminal for having the “wrong” opinion. 

For over five years now Gab has been the leader in free speech software and the home of free speech online. Gab is also developing a parallel economy free from the tyranny of the degenerate globalist-owned big businesses who hate us. Every month tens of millions of people get their news and information on 

It’s therefore no surprise to see existing members of Congress join Gab as well as a slew of candidates in the 2022 race from across the country. We welcome robust debate and discussion and are glad to be serving as the platform where normal people can gather and build community with one another outside of Silicon Valley’s control. 

Today it is our honor to welcome Congressman Paul Gosar to Gab!

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King

Watch Congressman Gosar’s Video Message to the Gab Community