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Why Christians Must Prepare For The Metaverse

The tech oligarchs are all in on the “metaverse” as the new system of enslavement and control. The metaverse is an immersive virtual world where people will be working, playing, and existing. The theory is they put on a headset and slip away into virtual “reality” where they will spend all of their time.

Mark Zuckerberg is so invested in making this vision come to life that he has renamed Facebook’s parent company to “Meta” and has dramatically shifted the entire mission of his company.

Disney’s CEO called it “the future” this week and is foaming at the mouth at the thought of having your kids plugged into a Disney “reality” every hour of the day.

The satanic globalist elite envision a future where all of us are plugged into their Matrix that they control all day long. When this happens they can control our minds even more than they do today through their social engineering that goes on in our news feeds and on our television screens. They will determine what “reality” is.

This of course is all part of their much bigger vision for transhumanism. While we are all distracted and sucked into their virtual world for all hours of the day, they will be working hard in the real world to ascend beyond humanity and become “gods.” They will fail of course, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do everything they can to enslave and extort the rest of us while trying.

This is all a lot for many Christians to ponder, but it’s absolutely essential that we start thinking about these things right now so we can have a plan of attack for when these virtual worlds start popping up.

We must prevent our children from participating in the Enemy’s virtual worlds at all costs.

We must build our own parallel virtual worlds using the technology for the glory of God and developed with a moral framework that is grounded in the Word of God.

We must prepare to send virtual missionaries into enemy worlds to spread the Gospel and the Truth of God’s Word.

We must not fear this new technology, we must embrace it early and understand it fully so we can gain an early foothold for the Lord.

It would be foolish to simply ignore this. This is happening. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sometime very soon. You’ll see your children and grandchildren start to take interest in these virtual worlds, which is exactly the target demographic of the elites. They want our children. This isn’t news. The metaverse is just their latest iteration and angle of attack for accomplishing that.

So we must be prepared to offer God-glorifying alternatives. We must answer the call to enter into enemy territory and wage a virtual crusade on the metaverses of Facebook, Google, Disney, and whoever else enters the arena.

God is allowing this technology to be built during our lifetimes for a reason. We must learn, adapt, build, and strategize for how we will use it to bring glory to His name and advance His Kingdom.

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King