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Big Tech Rings In The New Year With Censorship

Twitter banned Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene this morning. Thankfully Congresswoman Greene was smarter than many of her colleagues because she got on Gab over a year ago and built up a tremendous following over hundreds of thousands of people. Her ban from Twitter should come as no surprise. Once Twitter crossed the rubicon and banned a sitting President there was nothing stopping them from banning each and every Republican from the platform without thinking twice.

While everyone is distracted by New Years celebrations Silicon Valley is working overtime on the behalf of the Regime to ramp up censorship ahead of the 2022 election cycle. The Regime puppets on both the left and the right know their power is in trouble. They will continue to silence any true America First candidates who seek to represent The People. It’s well beyond time to wake up and stop using these platforms before they force you to do so.

Many other members of Congress are joining Gab and building up followings within our community. You can click here to follow Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and here to follow Congressman Paul Gosar. There are dozens of candidates running for Congress in 2022 on Gab and getting their message out to The People, raising funds, and building community on Gab. We expect that by this time next year dozens of members of the new Congress will be on Gab speaking freely beyond the grasp of the Regime’s control over the flow of information.

In other news earlier this week Twitter also banned Doctor Robert Malone. You can find him on Gab here. After his Twitter ban he appeared on the Joe Rogan show and discussed something called mass formation psychosis to explain why millions of people are sheepishly going along with whatever the tyrants in the Regime say. Millions of people started searching this term on Google, at which point Google started altering and censoring search results for the term. Finally, the interview itself is being scrubbed from YouTube. You can find it here on Gab TV.

Gab’s importance is becoming more and more clear by the day. Gab serves as a home to political dissidents, silenced members of Congress, and medical doctors who are being shut up by the Regime. Gab is the de facto leader in the alternative technology industry for this reason. We do not bend to the will of Silicon Valley. We do not bend to the will of triggered political activists. We do not bend to the will of the mainstream press. We answer only to God.

We invite you to please tell a friend or family member about Gab this week. All of our growth over the past five years has been driven by word of mouth advertising. We depend on people like you to let others know that there is a place where they can speak freely on the internet. There is a way out of the Silicon Valley matrix. There is a platform led by American Christians who share your values.

That platform is

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To God be the glory,

Andrew Torba
Jesus Christ is King of Kings