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Welcome To Gab, Congressman Gaetz and Congressman Massie

Today we are pleased to welcome Congressman Matt Gaetz and Congressman Thomas Massie to the Gab community!

Congressman Gaetz and Massie join their colleagues Congressman Gosar, Congresswoman Greene, Congressman Cloud, and Congresswoman Boebert who have all joined Gab in the past year. They are also joined by over 50 candidates on Gab who are running for Congress among other positions in the 2022 midterm election.

You can follow Congressman Gaetz on Gab here and be sure to also follow his Firebrand podcast account as well. You can find Congressman Massie here.

Congressman Gaetz has been a staunch supporter of free speech for many years now and is one of the few voices in Congress fighting for the many issues that the American people actually care about. Congressman Massie is a master at trolling the left and one of the most principled members of Congress. As more members of Congress join Gab and as dozens of candidates running for office join them it’s becoming more clear by the day that Gab is the place to be for the 2022 election and beyond.

For the first time Americans will be able to access the free flow of information and news at scale on a social media platform this election cycle without permission or censorship from Silicon Valley Oligarchs. Every month tens of millions of Americans are visiting Gab as the censorship, medical tyranny, and deplatforming of dissident and conservative thinkers accelerates. In the past 30 days alone Gab has had over 70 million visits and our traffic has surpassed that of most major news sites.

Gab is the most resilient alternative to Silicon Valley services because we have spent many years now building out our own servers, financial infrastructure, and much more. Gab is the fastest growing alternative because of our unwavering and steadfast defense of free speech on the internet for the past five years. As political dissidents, silenced medical doctors, and now members of Congress are all realizing: Gab is the true home of free speech on the internet.

We invite you to invite your friends and family to join us as we work to preserve and defend free speech on the internet for all people.

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