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Your Duty To Wake Up Those Around You

I was talking with a friend the other day who was telling some people he recently met about Gab. These folks were the ideal Gabbers: salt of the earth types who fully understand that Big Tech is evil and free speech is important. 

When he told them about Gab they had never heard of it, but they instantly wanted to know more. There are tens of millions of people like this who would love to abandon Facebook and get on Gab. One of the first things that happens when people like this join Gab is they discover that there are a lot more people in the world who share their values and that they aren’t as alone in holding those values as the media deceives them into thinking. 

I’ve been mentioning this a lot lately, but it’s worth repeating again: Gab is not the “Twitter alternative.” It’s the Silicon Valley alternative. If anything our platform resembles a pseudo-anonymous Facebook. Gab has features like Groups, Marketplace, and News which will all be familiar to users of Facebook. So when pitching Gab to friends and family it’s fair to describe Gab this way.

Gab has no advertising budget. We spend exactly $0 every month promoting Gab. All of Gab’s growth is driven by word of mouth. Gabbers tell their friends, family, neighbors, and random people they meet out in the world about Gab. That’s how we grow. This strategy has been incredible effective over the years which is why despite being up against multiple billionaires who have access to the app stores Gab continues to be the leader in alt tech by a large margin. There is no ad campaign that has the power of a close friend or family member recommending a service to you.

If every person who logs into Gab today told three people about Gab this week our community would grow by tens of millions overnight. Those tens of millions of people would find a place online where free speech is thriving among God’s people. 

They would find the incredible fellowship and sense of community among millions of other Christians from around the world. They would discover Gab’s Parallel Economy where they could start, grow, and support businesses that share their values. 

If they were on Gab over the past two years they would have known much more about the Coronavirus, it’s origins, and the side effects of the vaccine which weren’t allowed to be discussed anywhere else online or in the media—including “right wing” media. 

The would know much more about the rigged and stolen 2020 election. They would know about the January 6th hoax and see the video footage of Capitol police literally opening the doors and allowing the crowd into the Capitol. They would know about the Great Replacement and who is doing it. 

The bubble version of reality that has been carefully crafted for them by the lying mainstream media—including Fox News—would be popped. They would be fully awake, and then they would awaken their friends and family too. Perhaps real change would follow.

Those of us who are on Gab and who are awake have a duty to wake up those around us. Free speech allows that to happen and Gab is the ultimate dose of free speech in a sick and censored world. 

So tell a friend about Gab today. 

You might just open their eyes, change their life, and change the world.

Andrew Torba
Jesus Christ is King