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Gab’s Response To FBI Director Christopher Wray

This letter is a response to an article in the AP this morning.

Director Wray,

We share your concern over threats of violence against law enforcement officials and join you in condemning this behavior. Gab’s policy is and always has been that we have zero tolerance for any criminal activity on our platform–including direct threats of imminent violence.

Gab exists to protect all speech which is constitutionally protected by the U.S. Constitution. Use of our platform for controversial but lawful speech is our raison d’etre. Using our platform to threaten anyone, including federal law enforcement, is totally unacceptable. When we are notified by law enforcement of potential threats to life and property, we take quick action – as you should be aware.

Although we never publicly comment on specific requests made of us by U.S. or international law enforcement– a policy we have to ensure law enforcement is comfortable communicating with us on public safety matters–the FBI knows how to reach us.

My family and I personally deal with many threats of violence on a regular basis and fully understand the severity and seriousness of being threatened by strangers on the internet. Our moderation team has been briefed to be on watch for increases in threats of violence and our community as a whole has also been notified to be keep an eye out for this type of behavior.

As you already know and as we have made clear in the public for many years now: our policy is to cooperate with law enforcement when presented with legal process and emergency requests. Threats of violence are not protected speech and we strongly condemn anyone who is foolish enough to post threats of violence on the internet.

I’ll be praying for you, your family, and the good men and women serving in local and federal law enforcement across our country.

Psalm 18:2

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King