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Posts published by “Richard Osgar”

Deus Ex Silentio: Prayerful meditations on the “still small voice”

by Richard Osgar

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone” — Blaise Pascal

If it can be said that articulate reasoning and bold proclamations of faith have great value and furthermore, distinct identity, in the church, what then is the other side of this? The constant reoccurring theme that has been revolving around my head, especially since mid-March 2020, is the balance of intentional vs. frivolous speech and deliberate vs. incidental quietness. As I have shared previously, my false peace was what had mostly occupied my being. How much of this so-called silence was just digital white noise and audible static rather than an appreciation of the quiet times, especially in nature, further bolstered by prayer.