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Posts tagged as “Preterism”

A Biblical Response to Varieties of Zionism – Part 1

by Michael Sullivan


In this series of articles, we will turn our attention to answering very important theological and political questions regarding modern Israel.  Is modern Israel Biblical Israel and does she have any prophetic significance today?  Should modern Jews be considered “God’s people” having some divine right to steal, kill and conquer in the middle east according to the OT and NT?  Were all of the “in the land” promises fulfilled in the OT and were they typological of being fulfilled spiritually “in Christ” today in the new covenant age?  Are most modern Jews today in Israel biologically related to Abraham?  And if modern Israel does not fulfill the land promises in the Bible, then when and how were these prophecies fulfilled?  Was 1948 a miraculous gathering of biblical Jews into land or simply an ungodly Talmudic Zionist Rothschild project?