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Twitter To Censor Trump’s “Abusive” Tweets

Twitter announced that users will no longer be able to like, retweet, reply, or share “offending content” from world leaders. They will be choosing these “offending” and “abusive” tweets at their sole discretion. This has tremendous ramifications. Twitter is getting into the business of playing the speech police with leaders of the free world.

Twitter is also effectively silencing the people on both sides who want to discuss what these leaders are saying. This is a new Silicon Valley trend: remove engagement metrics. It’s about one thing: centralized control over information. We all know specifically which “world leader” Twitter is talking about with this rule: President Donald Trump.

Recently several of the President’s memes have gone viral mocking the mainstream media or Democratic frontrunners for 2020. These meme videos have been DMCA copyright censored despite clearly being fair use, and some of the creators of the videos have come under fire from the media recently after their feelings were hurt by a satirical video.

We also now have Democratic candidates for President of the United States of America calling for corporations to ban the sitting President from communicating directly with The People on the internet at scale. Please consider the seriousness and insanity of this.

In contrast to Twitter and the Democrats running for President, Gab is offering an open source and decentralized solution that protects the freedom of speech online for everyone. Individual users, groups of people, and even world leaders can own and control their own data and voice using Gab’s open source code or by simply using our server. Gab’s rules are simple: if it’s legal in the United States of America, it’s legal on Gab. Gab seeks to export the uniquely American values of free speech, privacy, and individual sovereignty to the world.

It’s time for the President to get on Gab, but in order to make that happen we need your help. Gab has over 1 million users from around the world from all different walks of life. Like President Trump Gab has been relentlessly smeared by communists in the mainstream media. Their smears are then cited as “truth” on things like the Gab Wikipedia page, which is locked down and camped on by self-avowed communists and antifa members.

We need the President and his team to hear your voice and story.

Here are some ways you can help. Let the President and his team know about your Big Tech censorship story. Tell them why you love Gab. Encourage them to join the platform and support free speech online.

Mail a letter:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Leave comments on the White House website.

Call the President

What should you say?

“Hello, I am very concerned with the censorship of free speech online from Silicon Valley companies. I would like to encourage the President and his team to sign up for, which is an American company that promotes and protects American values like freedom of expression. Gab has over one million users and growing, if the President joins it will send a strong message to Silicon Valley. I am a user of Gab an enjoy being able to speak freely without a Silicon Valley corporation telling me what I’m allowed to talk about.”

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Tweet @parscale and @DanScavino from the Trump 2020 team and ask them to get on Gab.

Share your story of Big Tech censorship and let them know what you love about Gab.

Go PRO to support Gab and our mission to defend free expression for all people.