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Gab Just Became Resilient In A Big Way

Today is a tremendous milestone for the Gab community. After over a year of work Gab is finally migrated to our own in-house servers. If you talk to anyone in the technology industry they will tell you that this is no easy task. Most technology startups have the luxury of using third-party cloud hosting providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others.

Gab does not have this luxury.

Over the past four years we have been banned from multiple cloud hosting providers and were told that if we didn’t like it we should “build our own.”

So, that’s exactly what we did.

Gab isn’t just building an alternative social network. We’re building an alternative internet. From hosting infrastructure to web browsing and more: Gab is the market leader when it comes to defending free speech against Silicon Valley tyranny online.

For a typical Gab user our new infrastructure means a noticeable improvement on site performance and speed that will scale as Gab continues to grow. 

Today’s accomplishment is only possible because of people like you. 

Gab is 100% funded by our community of people, not big corporate sponsors. On Gab you are the customer, not the product being sold. We’d like to send a special thank you to our donors, investors, and GabPRO customers who made today possible. Thank you also to our team of engineers behind the scenes who worked tirelessly for over a year to make this happen. 

The war for free speech on the internet has only just begun, but today a big battle was won.

God bless,

Andrew Torba
September 30th, 2020