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Posts tagged as “gab social”

Russian Hoax 2.0: How “Journalism” Works, According To Reuters

Earlier this week Jack Stubbs, a “journalist” from Reuters, reached out to Gab’s support team requesting a comment on a “right-wing media organization” that was being used by “foreign actors” in an attempt to “spread covert political messaging in the United States.”

Gab FSR Episode 21: Gab’s New Servers + Twitter’s Former CEO Wants You Dead

Join Gab CEO Andrew Torba as he discusses how Twitter’s former CEO went mask off and how the Biden campaign worked with the media and Big Tech to smear the Proud Boys as a distraction from Antifa and BLM violence. Andrew also discusses Gab’s new servers and resiliency.

Gab Just Became Resilient In A Big Way

Today is a tremendous milestone for the Gab community. After over a year of work Gab is finally migrated to our own in-house servers. If you talk to anyone in the technology industry they will tell you that this is no easy task. Most technology startups have the luxury of using third-party cloud hosting providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others.

Gab Doesn’t Have a Diversity Officer and We Never Will

Facebook announced today that it is elevating the authority and role of their “diversity officer” as a way to virtue signal to the mob of rioters and domestic terrorists plaguing our nation. This comes as advertisers pressured Facebook to censor the President of the United States of America and the social network faced heat from Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden who called for political ads to be “fact-checked.”

BREAKING: Twitter Censors President Trump, AGAIN!

Yesterday President Trump signed a social media executive order that specifically mentioned Twitter. Twitter doesn’t seem too concerned or scared though and nor should they be as many legal experts have weighed in and stated that this EO doesn’t hold much weight. The executive order goes after CDA Section 230. This is bad. It’s something we wrote our concerns about here.