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BREAKING: Twitter Censors President Trump, AGAIN!

Yesterday President Trump signed a social media executive order that specifically mentioned Twitter. Twitter doesn’t seem too concerned or scared though and nor should they be as many legal experts have weighed in and stated that this EO doesn’t hold much weight. The executive order goes after CDA Section 230. This is bad. It’s something we wrote our concerns about here. 

This morning Twitter once again editorialized one of the President’s tweets, but this time they took it a step further. They covered up his entire tweet with their editorial comment and made it so the President’s tweet could not be commented on or liked by anyone on the site. 

The solution is for the President to join and openly support alternative technology platforms like Gab and others.

If he leads the world off of Silicon Valley platforms: tens of millions of people will follow. 

If not, Twitter and Silicon Valley will continue to crush any and all dissent.

Including from the President of the United States of America. 

We have the President’s Gab account ready and waiting.

Get on Gab, the free speech social network.

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