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Gab Welcomes QAnon Across Its Platforms #WWG1WGA

Today Facebook announced that it would be banning all “QAnon accounts” across all of its platforms. This includes banning individual accounts as well as QAnon groups across both Facebook itself and Instagram. Facebook also announced that it has an internal “Dangerous Organizations Operations” team that will be monitoring for and banning these accounts.

In light of this news Gab is happy to announce that we will be welcoming all QAnon accounts across our social network, news, and encrypted chat platforms. Gab exists as an alternative to Silicon Valley tyranny and control over the flow of information and communication online. We welcome everyone to speak freely and invite their friends to do the same.

We have several existing QAnon groups on Gab that have grown significantly over the past few weeks to tens of thousands of members. Members of the QAnon community have been active on Gab for several years. We have never seen any calls for violence, threats, or any other illegal activity from this group of people.

From what we have observed these are very fine people who love freedom and their country. They seek out the truth for themselves rather than depending on the mainstream media or Big Tech companies to do it for them.

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Neon Revolt, a prominent member of the QAnon community as well as the Gab community, to discuss the censorship crackdown by Big Tech among other topics. You can watch our interview below.

Because of Gab’s commitment to free speech we have been banned by dozens of hosting, payment processing, and app store providers. We rely on word of mouth marketing to grow our community, so please be share to share this post with a friend and let others know they are welcome to speak freely on Gab.

Gab is the home of free speech online. Our business model is not to sell our users as a product like Big Tech does. Instead we rely on donations, merchandise sales, and GabPRO subscriptions to fund the operation and management of the platform.

You can learn more about GabPRO here.

You can donate to Gab here.

God Bless,

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King
October 6, 2020