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A Discussion With Business Insider About QAnon

Today Business Insider reached out to me and several others about QAnon. They are working on a major hit piece attacking everyone and anyone connected to the community of millions of great patriots who are seeking the truth outside of legacy media narratives.

I am publishing my response in full below for you to read. Enjoy!

Free Speech Gab

Gab Welcomes QAnon Across Its Platforms #WWG1WGA

Today Facebook announced that it would be banning all “QAnon accounts” across all of its platforms. This includes banning individual accounts as well as QAnon groups across both Facebook itself and Instagram. Facebook also announced that it has an internal “Dangerous Organizations Operations” team that will be monitoring for and banning these accounts.

Free Speech Radio Free Speech Radio

Gab Free Speech Radio Episode 17: QAnon Silenced By Big Tech

Join Gab CEO Andrew Torba as he discusses how Big Tech and the mainstream media have smeared and silenced millions of QAnon supporters.