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The Beginnings of a New Parallel Economy On Gab

For the month of September we have been running an invite-only beta test of Gab Ads with hand-picked advertisers of all shapes and sizes. We tried our best to pick a wide variety of businesses and services that best reflect our community and represent a budding new parallel economy on Gab.

Our advertisers are newly established businesses, small business owners, well established businesses, politicians, a famous rock band, and a Christian crowdfunding site that is an alternative to GoFundMe to name a few.

One of our advertisers is Dissident Soaps, a self-described “based soap merchant” and Christian-run family business. Their premise is simple: we all use soap, we all buy soap, why not buy soap from a family-owned Christian business that shares your values instead of a multi-national corporation who hates you?

It’s a simple and effective strategy, and it works.

They also have an incredible product at a fair price. I use it everyday and have for months, long before they ever became a Gab Advertiser. You can check out their products here. When was the last time you saw a Bible verse on the packaging of the multi-national megacorp soap you buy at Walmart?

The Dissident Soaps Gab account also isn’t afraid to speak freely about political issues and topics that matter to them as an active and engaged member of the Gab community. This takes courage and it should be encouraged. Brands should not be afraid to stand up for values that they believe in. Our Enemies certainly do this and it’s time we started doing it too.

We are calling this Gabvertising.

Yes it’s advertising, but with a powerful purpose. Brands who advertise on Gab recognize Gab’s growing relevance with tens of millions of current and potential customers. They often share the same values as Gab community members. They aren’t afraid to promote those values and embody them.

Gabbers know that by supporting businesses who advertise on Gab they support our mission to defend free speech for all people and to create and shape a parallel economy. That parallel economy is budding right this very second and it’s miraculous to witness.

Our vision for Gabvertising and the parallel economy we are building is to empower families and freedom-loving business owners to free themselves from the slavery of Woke Capital.

The natural evolution of free speech is free markets, and that’s what is forming right now on Gab. An actual free market, not one rigged by a handful globalist big bankers and hedge funds.

Many of our advertisers have doubled or even tripled down on their initial budgets. Others, like Dissident Soaps, are so overwhelmed with orders that they have had to rapidly buy more equipment and scale up their business.

This is the parallel economy.

Gabbers are starting businesses. They are growing businesses. They are engaging in commerce with one another. They are supporting people and brands who share their values. They are using their purchasing power to help each other instead of the multi-national elites who hate them. They are speaking freely.

This is the way forward and we are only just getting started.

Soon the Gab Marketplace and Gab Pay will be rolling out to usher in an explosion of innovation, commerce, and freedom. It’s all part of our plan to build alternative infrastructure for a growing new parallel economy.

Won’t you join us?

Andrew Torba
Only Jesus Saves
September 22, 2021 the year of our LORD