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Gab Community Update: Parallel Economy Progress Report

Over the past few months we have been buying six figures worth of server hardware in order to massively expand the Gab Cloud infrastructure which Gab’s services are built on. Today we deployed those servers into production and while we are still making optimizations, the initial results show that Gab is now twice as fast across the board as it was before. 

Everyone thinks they can do what Gab does until they realize how much work it is. Our “competitors” can push one button on the Amazon AWS website and get super computers on demand instantly to power their infrastructure. The caveat of course is that Amazon can destroy their entire site in one click. Why would anyone competing with Big Tech want Big Tech to host them? Anyway you’ll notice a greatly improved Gab experience thanks to this new and improved Gab Cloud server hardware which we own, not Amazon. 

Next I wanted to share a bit about our current product roadmap for each of our Parallel Economy services. 

Gab Social

With the completion of the Gab Marketplace, Gab Social has everything that we envisioned for it in terms of major feature sets. The course of action for the Gab Social engineering team now is to refine and perfect the experience and interface. We will be making rapid iterations based on user feedback that we’ve collected over the past few months to address major pain points in the experience and interface. We will be making big improvements to Groups, DMs, and overall performance as some of our core projects in the coming weeks. 

Gab TV

This week we shipped a total overhaul of Gab TV. We rewrote the backend video processing system and implemented a brand new video player to make the experience much more enjoyable and fast. We will be focusing on improving the main user interface along with implementing Gab Ads into Gab TV so creators can monetize their content. Currently Gab TV uploading is only open to GabPRO members, however we are working on a free version with some storage limits.

Check out the all new Gab TV experience here

Gab Ads

We recently shipped the ability for Gab Advertisers to target based on State, Device, and Country. The new targeting options are great for political campaigns who are looking to specifically get a message to people in their home state or businesses who sell in specific states only. Up next we are working on video ads for both Gab Social and Gab TV as well as more performance metrics for advertisers.

Interested in advertising on Gab? Click here to get started


On Monday we launched GabPay Merchant Processing into private beta testing for businesses. Gab itself is one of those merchants. If you purchase an item on the Gab Shop, upgrade to GabPRO, or purchase Gab Ad credit you can see GabPay in action from a merchant perspective. In a few weeks we will be opening GabPay up to all US users for consumer use. Think of it as your alternative to Paypal, because that’s exactly what it is. The merchant processing side of GabPay is for businesses only at this time during the beta test. The consumer GabPay app will be released in a few weeks for everyone once the beta test ends. 

If you are interested in GabPay for Merchant Processing please get in touch here.

That’s it for this update!

If you want to help us keep building please consider upgrading to GabPRO, purchasing something on the Gab Shop, or running ads on Gab in the Parallel Economy. 

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