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Vending Machine People

by Kilts Khalfan

Westerners live in a corporation, not in nations. We have flags, but we have no idea who we are anymore. Vending Machine People have been transplanted from our homelands into the corporate plantations of the Anglosphere and rebranded by Empire to fit into the compartment of a machine that dispenses artificial identities for convenience. MTV ethnogenesis turned us all into Americans singing and dancing our way through the destruction of ethnos inside the Magic Kingdom. Corporations profit from artists trying to resolve their identity crisis in the Western ‘videodrome’. And thanks to Critical Race Theory, they are polarizing the world in the process. Solve et Coagula.

Elizabeth I’s empire purged itself of monasticism and launched into global piracy. And the abracadabra of the Protestants, who rebranded England in the image of their new Virgin Queen “Gloriana”, gave the Anglosphere a rabid thirst for fetish, taboo, and mystical thinking. England’s protestant bastard child in the New World apostatized further and descended into the madness of a godless Syphilitic libertine, exporting its perversions to the whole earth in the name of Liberty. We are all desperate to define our nations after the loss of Old-World nationalities in the colonial Vending Machine. We are using magic to conjure national identity. So too was the alleged Brooklyn shooter Frank James. He was apparently so tired of the Vending Machine he started shooting it last week. Piracy breeds piracy. The West has a piracy problem. Colour-Nationalists are like Marxists: neither of them knows anything about Christendom before Elizabeth launched her ships to Africa. Now a mystical, snake-headed Gorgon known as Critical Race Theory (CRT) is writhing throughout the West, petrifying living cultures into immoveable victim hierarchies based on fetishized magic blood. The civic and ethnonationalist Conservatives don’t know how to overcome this petrification. Conservatives can’t look at the monster properly because Great Britannia’s open borders marketplace – built on the ashes of catholic monasteries – created the identity monster. Christians must fight the pirates of Globohomo bondage, but they can’t do it until they stop being Vending Machine People and return to the Apostolic roots of the Faith.

The post-Obama Era West speaks in a rage against Whiteness never seen before Barack’s reign in the White House. Westerners caught a virus that made them genocidally suicidal and determined to worship “POC” as the Chosen People. The Obama era traumatized European Americans into apologizing for being liable to sunburn and hating their ancestors because of the Transatlantic slave trade they never engaged in. Westerners are fatally ignorant that British yeoman were transported globally as the “convicts” and indentured captives of the English pirates. So, BLM gangrene spread on social media as BigTech exported the Marxist schizophrenia virally. George Floyd died, and a New World race cult was formed by people desperate for absolution from the moral crime of being born white in America. Westerners all think in the memes created in the New World. They do not think in Apostolic iconography. People who intuitively perceive the theft of their native identity, who want ethnic reality – nationality – want out of this vending machine. Vending Machine People are clamouring for coherency in the babble of the “free market of identity”. The borderless corporate Anglosphere is now a schizoid open-air prison full of gangs formed on Vending Machine identities.

Reportedly a radicalized Black nationalist, James’ online statements were dismissed by the pundits as an overdose of We Waz Kangz memes. It seemed that Frank James wanted racial segregation for a Black-Lebensraum in America. The Rolling Stone reported that “Among the many topics James tackles in his rambling, slur-laden videos is his belief that Black Americans have allowed themselves to be “Europeanized” by whites… often espousing Black nationalist ideals and calling for the creation of a Black ethnostate before immediately disparaging educated Blacks and prominent Black women such as Vice President Kamala Harris and newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson”.

Editor’s note: “Religion is inevitable”

Europeanized by Whites? Only somebody who thinks in terms of the Enlightenment West would think like Frank James. In other words: New Worlders who cannot see Europe together with Africa as the heir of Apostolic Christianity. Protestant England declared war on its monks and pillaged the New World for sugar, spices, and slaves. Ethnicity (like everything else Marxists destroy) was stolen by those pirates long before Marxists blasted their way into American classrooms to destroy the patriotism of American children. Ethnicity has been replaced by corporate racial bolshevism. Skin is the label; label is grade; grade is a market value; Corporation is King of the market. The Empire State “Conservatives”, all in favour of mass migration for exponential economic loot (like Neoliberals) ran their countries like corporations, expecting the heritage nations that founded them to patriotically die to defend the homeland and colonies on behalf of the management class. This corporate cult ignores ethnic reality for du jour intersectional idolatry. Westerners have been saturated in a magic solution that dissolves ethnics and transforms them into political products, rebranded by antichrist social engineers according to the market need. In the demand for religion, the market has made a cult out of race worship. The globalized American culture has reduced humanity into Black Coke VS White Sprite. Humanity is being alchemically processed to fit into the politically correct vending machine of identity politics. The enemies of Christendom are dispensing these to Westerners, and anybody who refuses to stay in the vending machine is being punished for it. Brands are good for the pirates, not for the human cargo bearing the branding.

Somewhere in America, a part-Czech girl with dark siblings had enough of the imposed corporate branding. The artist currently known as Nkechi Amare Diallo rejected the Vending Machine label assigned to her at birth. And despite her NAACP fraud, I maintain that Rachel Dolezal is a cultural pioneer in America. A social pariah in the West, she would simply have been considered a migrant success story in ancient Egypt. It is perfectly normal that a woman would marry and merge into another tribe and dress like they do, taking on a filial name and demeanour as the Ptolemaic Greeks did when they went native. Walk like an Egyptian. Dolezal transcended her corporate brand, playing a magnificent game of peek-a-boo in the American Psyche. But New Egypt (America) is yet to catch up to the Old World. Contrasted with the frequency of Western references to “mix race babies”, the Egyptian Copts are wholly indifferent to creolised aesthetics. The children of the Pharaohs have anchored their nation in prayer and patriarchy, not in physiognomy. Dolezal’s an iconic picture of the problem America has with its racial categories: these are not nations. They aren’t ethnic groups. They’re cargo labels.

Artwork: ‘The meeting of Antony and Cleopatra’ by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1885)/Wikimedia Commons

To Leftists, White is the demiurge of Evil, and POCs must be placed high above them on the pyramid as the modern reincarnations of Homer’s “blameless Ethiopians”. On the Right, people avoid the discomfort of telling accented migrants that despite their legal visa status, they are still strangers in a strange land. Conservatives struggle to coexist in tolerance with their “new compatriots”, too late realizing national distinctions are real. After importing half the earth and giving civil rights to foreigners, Conservatives realized the newcomers make political decisions that hurt the very heritage nation hosting them. In the Neoliberal imperium, nations have become Human Resources. Critical Race Theory is HR Management. Americans ungrateful for their heritage being sold out for cheap labour and demographic replacement now want their nation back. But the nation became an empire. America broke its national borders to subject territories beyond its national limits. Expansion comes at the cost of national borders, and America swallowed other nations to become the imperial United States of America. The Empire State is now dealing with the consequences of becoming Globohomo and absorbing other nations into itself, which means heritage America is going through what the Romans did when their empire collapsed: identity crisis.

We Waz Kangz is an attempt at a race-based mythology in a one drop melting pot. American Black nationalist movements go back over a century to the Garveyites and others, who were essentially racial Fascists. Harlem was a hotbed for Black Marxists and Nazis. Despite his support of the anti-colonial struggle of African nations, Garvey famously rejected the Ethiopians that he had previously looked to for prophetic direction, because of their adherence to Coptic Christianity and not racialist Pan-Africanism. Coptic Africa was not a Vending Machine, and it didn’t suit the racial ideas of the Garveyites and others like them in the West. Coptic Africa, unlike many Americans, never wanted segregation from Europeans. On the contrary: it was forcibly cut off from Europe by the Islamic invasions and isolated for over 1000 years from the rest of Christendom, stalling its development. Curiously, Black Nationalists in America will look anywhere for a national mythology but native African Christianity, even while claiming to be the kings that built the Nile civilizations that were Christened by the Apostles. Square the circle, race-Masons, if you can.

Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa, the seat of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

The Pepsi Generation endured the horror of watching Michael Jackson’s macabre metamorphosis from kinky-haired Motown prodigy into a pale adherent of Jehovah’s Whiteness, while he sold America on racial pride. The world watched Black become White while he screamed “it doesn’t matter”. It idolized a man morbidly obsessed with wrecking his ethnic features while he created MTV videos of himself dancing for Nefertiti. The King of Pop linked ancient Egypt in the minds of his fans as the root of Black America, pirating pharaonic identity as a mythology of the so-called African Americans. He cut the Africa out of his own face even as he styled himself a child of the Nile. Jackson was a moonwalking icon of Vending Machine People, rootless citizens of the Empire of Soda Pop continuously pirating the Old World for aesthetics, but never connecting to the Old World in a way that makes their culture coherent. Without the Church, Westerners are rootless and ethnically sabotaged by corporatization. Jackson manifested America’s desperate desire for heritage in a culture where heritage isn’t good for the free market. The only thing the authorized demographics have in common with each other is soda consumption and skin tone.

America rebrands everybody within its empire into micro-corporations barcoded by skin tones, ignoring paternity, geography, language, and religion. America, bizarrely, defines its citizens by physiological markers, and not by provincial identities. It speaks of the children of “mixed-race couples”, not children with a paternal connection to the father’s nation to achieve social legitimacy. In the thinking of the Islamic and Coptic world, Candace Owen’s children would be categorized as whatever her husband is, being rightfully identified according to their father’s nation. Protestant America thinks in racial fractions. How Southern Italian migrants made the miraculous trans-racial jump from being lynched POCs to Whites is a subject for another blog.

Corporatism based on skin colour in the New World is a recipe for national failure. Patriotism requires people to identify themselves with their patris (soil), or like the ancient Greeks, with the common polis (city-state). Neither applies in American thinking. A kind of racial bolshevism exists in the Empire State where shade is the identifier that occults everything else about ethnic life. America fatally mingled imperial ambition with an obsession over internal civil rights for non-heritage Americans. Without Christian ethnogenesis, it was a doomed project. Magic dirt doesn’t work. But neither does magic blood, evident as the Western nations who abandoned the Church and clamoured to become Masonic republics, and corporations become sterile and overwhelmed by the dissolution of their borders. The post-Christian Western nations are collapsing on the loss of their Christian foundations. The Magic Cosmopolis doesn’t work.

The roots of the bloody fruit of Brooklyn are not the Nile, they are Elizabethan. The emergence of the British Empire saw the destruction of English Catholics and the creation of corporate, state-sponsored slavery headed by the Protestant monarch and her “church authority”. They removed the icons of their indigenous saints and divorced themselves from the tradition that remembered the British nations were once students of Coptic monks that travelled to Europe to spread their teachings from the deserts of Egypt. We waz taught monasticism by kangz, and then we were swallowed by corporations when our monasticism was destroyed. The heretic Tudors bleached the sugar cane of the Western Hemisphere with their occult Enlightenment; their nation thereafter a ransacked monastery turned into a theme park, and not as a living ethnos connected to the Apostolic World. American categories of race are a result of this rejection of the Apostolic mind and the English divorce from the catholic world. We can thank the Elizabethans who, in their lust, heresy, and avarice, turned their piracy in towards their own people and out towards Africa.

The Elizabethan corporation eventually begets the American Empire, where an ex-Africa population kidnapped by English pirates has been busy creating fictitious identities for itself ever since, without any point of contact with the Apostolic Fathers. The Brooklyn shooter suspect believes Black Americans have allowed themselves to be “Europeanized by whites”. Contrast this with Coptics, who believe themselves the spiritual progenitors of the “White” Europe which rejected their monastic teachings during the German and English reformations. The Ethiopians, Eritreans, and Egyptian Copts have all been united in a shared Christianity rooted in the conversion of their people, centuries before Europe saw the Romans and Greeks follow suit. Christianity is African. Catholic Europe was spiritually connected to Coptic Africa long before the Reformation “refined” Europe. Americans are now pining for the Promised Land of an ethnostate, instead of a provincial identity rooted in shared heritage on the land or in a city-state with a shared dialect and culture, and faith.

I understand the logic behind the Kangz meme clearly. How else do you respond when you exist in a country that behaves like a global corporation and where the people at Federal HR define your ethnos by skin tone, not by your neighbours and your priesthood? The growth of bombastic cults like the Black Hebrew Israelites is proof that the lack of ethnic identifiers beyond skin colour made Americans believe that despite hundreds of years in the North American continent, they are still from somewhere else and cannot ever be part of the nation. The American Empire homogenized European nations into an amorphous entity known as White People. Skin tone is a dangerous way to draw up ethnic lines in an empire that incorporated every ethnicity on earth and claims to be Christian but behaves like ancient Mesopotamia. I can’t think of anywhere in history where somebody from California and somebody from as far away as Chicago would be considered the same ethnic group after a gap of hundreds of years and thousands of miles, with no shared religion or language. It is wholly synthetic. This has been engineered, just like the magic dirt of Civic Nationalism.

The West is Europe without the mystic religion of the Apostles. The Enlightenment was illumination – like lightening cream, not a lamp. The Enlightenment bleached Europe. It whitewashed Europeans like Elizabeth I’s lead-painted ghost face. The West consumes the deadly white sugar of the protestant Elizabethans and their occult pursuit of empire without Christendom. How else could you describe Westerners without vending machine identities? You can have Coke or Pepsi, Sprite or Mountain Dew. Accept your assigned demographics. We have no monastic reality in the New World, only the rebranded Enlightenment sugar of empiricism refined to remove Christian mysticism. Whiteness is Europe without the Apostolic Church and connection to the desert monks.

America must see itself seated at

the Last Supper and not raging

at the Tea Party.

Like all other Vending Machine People, I’ve watched the disintegration of Western ethnic realities in the battery acid of the Anglo-American racial thinking. This acid miraculously transformed Southern Italians, Germans, and Polish Catholics into the same “Whiteness” in the States. People are getting bleached like cane sugar in the Elizabethan plantations and the Enlightenment of the Anglosphere. Diaspora Celts no longer speak their Celtic languages. This was never discussed amongst Leftists crying to “decolonize the West” of Whiteness. Likewise, nobody speaks of the Ottoman conquest of Greece when they talk about imperialism. What kind of nation is based solely on common skin colour? It’s a ruse. Black Nationalists exist in America because of an attempt to leave synthetic incorporation. But what mythology do these “nationalists” base their identity on, except for skin colour and the cringe aesthetics of “holidays” like Kwanzaa? You can’t put on kente cloth and coherently create a culture after the loss of Old-World nationalities in the colonial Vending Machine. George Floyd was a Satanic parody of the African saints of Christendom, creating a cult frenzy in people with no Apostolic religion, and this wouldn’t be possible if Americans were already venerating the Black martyrs of the Church. It wouldn’t be possible if Americans had already memed the story of the Apostle Philip baptizing the Ethiopian Hebrew in the Book of Acts.

The Baptism of Queen Candace’s Eunuch (c. 1625–30, attributed to Hendrick van Balen and Jan Brueghel the Younger)

The Elizabethans divided their Celtic and African slaves when they created the Empire of Sugar in the New World. How poetic that centuries later, it would be the creolised descendants of English sugar cane plantation slaves in Jamaica that would receive Coptic Christianity, by special envoy of the last Coptic Emperor in history. Christendom was finally finding its way back together again in the New World. The Copts and the Celts started remembering their Apostolic roots in the Caribbean sun. Byzantine Romans and their African allies crusaded together as defenders of the Faith of the Cross of Christ. Americans must find themselves doing the same. We Waz Kangz is a desire for national mythology. Critical Race Theory is a mythology, a mystical virus. We cannot challenge a mind virus with economic theory. Americans do not connect national mythology with holy icons. The disconnection of Western culture from the Apostolic (which is full of African saints that were venerated throughout Europe) bred the Marxist horror we are living in. America needs a mythology based on its connection to Christendom. All it has now is a Tea Party with lots of white sugar. The Republic celebrating a tax dodge to a heretic king won’t suffice to kill the hydra of Marxism in the New World. BLM and similar pan-Africanist groups in America must be challenged by Americans who know the history of the Apostolic Church. The first Holy Communion ever given to mankind was in the home of the African Levite named Saint Mark the Apostle, who later converted Egypt to Christ.

Coptics understand their nations beyond colour lines and see them in the lineage of Apostolic evangelism and the connection to their native saints. Americans have yet to catch up because their Empire is an heir of the Elizabethans: anti-monastic and occult. It is confused by the oil-and-water of esoteric and empirical thinking, and a myriad of protestant interpretations of church and history, with no national connection to the monastics that created Western Europe. America needs the Holy Communion and liturgy of the African Levite. It needs the mysticism of the Desert Fathers. America saw a glimpse of what this will look like when Kim Kardashian baptized her family into the Armenian Orthodox Church. America must keep up with the Kardashians and look to the Apostolic World. It was an iconic moment for America. Kanye, his ex-wife, and their children are now (miraculously) part of the Oriental story forever. America must see itself seated at the Last Supper and not raging at the Tea Party.

People want out of the Vending Machine. The Apostolic Faith is the only way to build a Christian nation from a crumbling empire of stale tea and white sugar. American Black nationalists are building their foundations on sand, as are any conservatives who want a Republic from the Reformation and its infinite revolutions and heresies. Slavery was an African institution long before Europeans arrived. Egypt has never known a time without it. This is the reason Moses lead the Hebrews out of Egypt in the first place. America needs to Exodus from itself. Christ is the only way across the Red Sea of CRT.

The Enlightenment has failed. The Tea Party is over America. English Piracy breeds nothing but piracy. Without the Apostolic mind, we will reap the fruits of Marxist skin-tone class warfare in the Anglosphere, as racial Bolshevists take advantage of the crumbling empire of sugar. Americans will have no way of countering the BLM agitation in their homeland without the Church of the Apostles. The only way Westerners will build Christian nations is with the truth of the Scriptures. Western nations cannot survive without being anchored in mystical Christianity. Any attempt to build social pyramids based solely on similar skin tones and hair texture will fail. Western Liberty needs orientation. The Church is the only weapon against Marxists and radicalized Black Nationalists. Christendom must emerge. And Christendom isn’t White.

Anti-conservative but definitely not anti-christ, Kilts is a Medieval thinker, poet, concept artist, and co-author of two books published by the Dragon Common Room (Centrism Games & Aurora Bearialis).

Kilts is currently working with the DCR team on a five-volume epic, Draco Alchemicus.

She regularly muses on her Telegram channel The Sandwhich Press, a digital liberal arts project that feeds into DCRs work. The Sandwhiches have inspired both devotional piano composition and hate mail.

The H in Sandwhich is on purpose.