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Go And Build: Digital and Physical Sovereignty

At Gab our goal is to empower and inspire you to Go And Build, not only in the digital world but also in the physical world as well. Our philosophy has always been very simple: instead of wasting our time “fighting” the existing system, we must start anew and build our own systems which are grounded on the firm foundation of our faith in Jesus Christ and the sovereignty comes with that walk in faith.

When you waste your time “fighting” the existing system you give it energy and power. The perfect example is being on Twitter. You think you are there “fighting” something, but the reality is you’re fighting robots and making Twitter billions of dollars in advertising revenue. This is why I deleted Gab’s Twitter account with 400,000 “followers.” My time is better spent building and growing Gab, not making my enemies money and giving them my energy.

For six years now Gab has been building in the digital world. We’ve built an entire Facebook alternative technology ecosystem that includes a social network, a marketplace, an advertising platform, micro-communities (groups), and soon our own payment processor in the form of GabPay.

These services have given tens of millions of people digital sovereignty.

You can join Gab today, create a Gab group which you control and moderate as you please, distribute and market products or services to people on Gab, and even advertise your business to people who share your values. Very soon you’ll be able to accept payments from people on Gab as well. At a minimum you can visit and get access to information that you can’t get anywhere else and that isn’t controlled or censored by those who have captured our institutions.

Gab has helped people reach digital sovereignty outside of the grasp of the mainstream elites. We don’t depend on or answer to any of them in order to run Gab and therefore neither do you. We have also inspired many others to start building in the digital sovereignty space and laying the groundwork for a fragmented, tribal, and more decentralized internet.

Now that we’ve achieved and exported digital sovereignty to millions of people our next goal is to empower and inspire even more people to achieve physical sovereignty in the real world. We want to teach you how to achieve energy sovereignty, food sovereignty, educational sovereignty for your children, sovereignty for your church and local community, and much more.

We want to help you start a homestead, homeschool your kids or start a new private school run by people who share your values, learn to farm, prep, ranch, and be sustainable on your own. We want you to learn about sourcing your own food, water, and energy without permission from people who hate you and want you dead. We want to teach you how to capture political control of your local community be it the school board, mayor, town council, and everything in between.

This is about taking back control of your life and building local community. This is about no longer being a slave to the system. It’s about worshiping a sovereign God who has given you the skills and gifts needed to achieve personal sovereignty during your time here on earth. In sum we want to give you the tools and knowledge to build for the glory of God and advance His Kingdom right here and now.

I’ve been working on this idea in my own life over the past year on my own homestead. Together with my wife and God’s help we have achieved energy sovereignty, food sovereignty, water sovereignty, heat sovereignty, and so much more.

It didn’t happen overnight and took a lot of work, but we made it happen and we know many families in the Gab community who are doing the same thing. In some cases, including my own, it required a radical shift in thinking and lifestyle. Five years ago I was living in major cities and now I’m living in the mountains in the middle of nowhere on a homestead. I’ve never been happier. I want everyone to experience the peace, joy, and love that comes with personal sovereignty and the grace of a sovereign God.

So let me inspire you: you can do this!

Author Tucker Max recently had a fantastic interview outlining Gab’s Go And Build philosophy. Here are two clips from that interview that explain our views on this topic well. I highly encourage you to take a few minutes to watch them.

WATCH: Tucker Max Perfectly Describes Gab’s Go And Build Philosophy

WATCH: Tucker Max On The Difference Between Freedom and Sovereignty

Gab is not just a social network. It’s a social movement.

Gab is going to help millions of people exit the wicked and fallen satanic system that has captured and destroyed all of our institutions. These institutions are already failing and when they do completely all of us will be ready and stable away from the pit of ash that remains. The way we are going to accomplish this is through education and by building new systems and institutions grounded in Christian values.

The Covid PSYOP and the rigged 2020 election were the biggest wakeup calls in 100 years. Millions of people are looking to leave the cities and start homesteading. Millions more are looking to remove their kids from public schools and start new schools–or homeschool. People have realized that their dependance on the existing system has robbed them of their sovereignty. They have realized that they are slaves to that system and they want to change that.

Gab wants to help them do so.

We are going to be expanding the Gab News blog to have educational articles about homesteading, farming, ranching, homeschooling, gardening, beekeeping, prepping, and more. If you are interested in submitting a post and contributing to this effort to help educate people please fill out this form. We will be emailing out these articles to millions of people who are subscribed to our newsletter and also sharing the articles out to millions of people on Gab.

We will also be highlighting Gabbers who are sharing homesteading, homeschooling, farming, and prepping related videos on Gab TV. Here are a few good examples:

Whitworth Family Farms

The GOAT Farm

Back Forty Farms

The Urban Prepper

In a few weeks we will be opening up Gab TV for anyone to upload video content to. Later this summer we will be helping creators monetize their Gab TV channel when we build Gab Ads into Gab TV. We will also be integrating GabPay into Gab TV for things like tipping, subscriptions for exclusive content, and more.

Our goal is to build an entire ecosystem around helping millions of people learn, inspire, and educate each other to become sovereign in both the digital and physical world.

We hope you’ll join us.

Andrew Torba
Jesus Christ is King