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What They Do to Russia, They Have Planned For You:

The Russo-Ukrainian War and the Dissident Church in America

by Boniface Option

In the last three weeks, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, the Globalist Regime has put its people under a deluge of propaganda. This is, of course, a change in intensity rather than kind. No one can forget the last anti-Russian propaganda ramp up during and after the 2016 Presidential Election. Just this week, Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki, flippantly stated “and then in 2016, when [Russia], you know, of course, hacked our election here…” These people deliberately and fraudulently claimed that President Trump committed treason, colluding with Russia in order to get elected. They knew they were lying. And so did most people with even a modicum of suspicion. The Russia hysteria has been going on at least since 2007 when it became clear that Western banks and corporations were no longer going to be able to continue to exploit their erstwhile rival:

If Putin had contented himself with managing Russia’s stagnation while the Globalist Regime had their way with his country, in other words, if he were truly corrupt, they would not hate him as they do. And it is not because he has political enemies murdered. Or because he uses his military to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. If this were the case, the Saudi Royal family, who have engaged in a genocidal campaign against Yemen far worse than anything Putin has ever done, and therefore would have been cut off from the West economically years and years ago. But the Saudis are friendly and useful to the Globalist Regime and their oil keeps everything chugging along.

Not so with Putin’s Russia. Russia refuses to submit to them. That is at the root of everything else. It has little to do with whether he is a wicked man or a good man. These people do not care either way. Whether he is evil or good is immaterial to the goals of the Globalist Regime. They have happily worked with the most wicked, bloodthirsty men to have ever stained human existence, and they have worked with very good men and everyone else in between. Whether he is good or evil, if he is a threat to their plans, they will paint him as a uniquely evil man, on par with history’s greatest monsters.

In the manufactured reality that most Americans live in, Putin is another Adolf Hitler, the absolute epitome of evil who, if he is not stopped by a great and righteous nation, will conquer the globe and send tens of millions to death camps. Most Americans, all over the political spectrum and among all generations believe this: from Trump-voting Boomers crammed in a tiny Villages condo, to urban Gen-X professionals who think of themselves as ‘centrists’ and read The Atlantic or The Wall Street Journal, to Millennial libs more than happy to pay twice as much for gas to own Putler, to Zoomers twerking for democracy on TikTok.

The Propaganda Machine Recovers Credibility By Shilling War

It should not shock any of us that most Americans whose perception of reality is shaped by the multibillion-dollar reality distortion industry. What is more shocking is that at least during the Wuhanflu epidemic, the magical spell seemed to be losing its effect for millions. The full-court press of censorship and fact-checking was unlike anything in the short history of the internet in the US, and even more absurd is that the things that would get your account banned only months later they admitted were true. If the vaccine is so good, why can’t I publicly ask any questions about it? If it was the miracle cure to a global pandemic, why were they so heavy-handed? If you had the cure to cancer, you would just let people take it and wouldn’t try to silence gadflies. Ordinarily, in the past, this is what they would have done. They would just lie about lockdowns, cases, and deaths, that the vaccine prevents contracting the virus, that you won’t transmit the virus, that you won’t need a booster, that it is even effective at all, or that there are no serious side effects. They’d simply ignore anyone who said otherwise. The problem was the spell wore off. There were far too many people who no longer believed anything they said. Censorship of this magnitude was a tell that they had lost a great deal of credibility.

But then comes the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The moment Russian missiles started falling in Ukraine and Russian T-72s began rolling down muddy roads, the very same reality distortion machine went to work, and the spells that had worn off the last two years for a substantial chunk of the American population were now reinvigorated. And it makes sense why. Being locked inside your house, being forced to wear humiliation garments on your face, and then being forced to take part in a medical experiment in order to feed your family has a very direct effect on your daily life. A war being done by a guy who all the TV channels tell you is Hitler 2 has almost no effect on you. And the ways that it does affect you, or rather the effects of the Regime (that has just dominated you for two years) meddling around the globe can now be blamed on this very bad foreign man. When you become the Girardian scapegoat it is easy to stop believing the people who are scapegoating you. But when all your problems can be blamed on the evil, bad man in Russia, your willingness to believe even people who have told you nothing but lies about the Trump presidency, the virus, the riots, and the election is almost totally restored.

This War Is A Lot Less Black and White Than The TV Will Tell You

Forget the fact that this war has been going since 2014, that pivotal year for Ukraine, when a color revolution was sponsored by the US State Department and CIA and various aligned NGOs, with violent riots and resulted in a coup that forced the legitimately elected president out of office. That same playbook was run to a T in the United States in 2020: violent riots funded and organized by NGOs with the goal of regime change in the US. After this color revolution the Ukrainian government, the pro-Russian regions of eastern Ukraine, Donestk and Luhansk, voted to secede and become independent republics. Naturally, the United States, declared the referendum illegitimate (most likely because it didn’t have months of unsolicited, mail-in ballot harvesting). Since then, a government that was violently overthrown has been waging low-scale war against these separatist republics, with thousands dead. The question must be asked, if the current government of Ukraine is legitimate despite its origins in a violent coup, how can secession, from that government, peaceful or otherwise, also not be legitimate?

Further complicating matters is the fact that the government of Ukraine has made it a matter of policy to discriminate against its ethnic Russian minority and has turned a blind eye to neo-Nazi militias harassing (and allegedly murdering) ethnic Russians. To say the least, things between Ukraine and Russia are far more complicated than Russia is the Evil Empire and Ukraine, the Plucky Rebels. The greatest complicating factor (and the thing that nearly all commentators leave out) is that the American Regime is not an innocent bystander helplessly watching as this all plays out. The Regime is just as big a player in all of this as Putin. They have been the ones who have advanced NATO right up to the borders of Russia, despite agreeing after the fall of the USSR never to do that. They have been the ones who have used Ukraine as a money-laundering ATM. They have been the ones pushing Ukraine to pursue NATO membership, something no nation would ever accept if the shoe were on the other foot.

And that is precisely what we have to ask ourselves. Imagine a scenario where the United States has collapsed 20 years prior and Mexico has taken back all its territory it had lost in its war with Texas and later the United States. America has a very wicked, evil but competent ruler nevertheless operating in the interest of his country. As America began to recover from its collapse, relations with Mexico began to warm until a Russian-backed coup replaced the legitimately elected government with a hostile one. As soon as that happened, those formerly American territories seceded with plans to rejoin the United States. During the crisis, America retook its naval base in San Diego. And Mexico began a low-level war against English-speaking white people in Texas, discriminating against them and allowing the drug cartels to harass and murder them in Dallas and Houston. Meanwhile, the Mexican government was now in talks with Russia, Iran, and China to form a “defensive” military alliance that would place Russian and Chinese tank divisions on the US-Mexico border, as well as short-range nuclear weapons which could give the Russians and Chinese first-strike capability nullifying the American nuclear deterrent if such an alliance was formally adopted. Would an American president have cause to invade Mexico in such a scenario? Most honest people already know the answer.

But most people are not willing to honestly ask such questions of themselves. When there is a perceived foreign enemy they quickly forget the enemies they have in their own country who falsely accused their president of treason, locked them in their homes, closed their churches, tolerated months of violent riots, rigged an election, forced a medical experiment on them in order to work, and lied about all of it the entire time. Putin is bombing babies. Sure, Bill Clinton killed his thousands of Serbian kids and George Bush his tens of thousands of Iraqi kids in wars far less justifiable than what Putin is doing in Ukraine, but American evangelical leaders will laud Bush and Clinton for standing with Ukraine against Hitler 2:

Despite the intense warmongering, levels of which have not been seen since the run-up to the Iraq War twenty years ago, it does not seem like Joe Biden is going to intervene in Ukraine (beyond the economic warfare that the Regime has already engaged in).1 It seems the endgame for the Regime is to turn Ukraine into an Afghanistan for Putin, which is what the fourteen billion dollar gift from Congress to Zelensky (a sum almost twice the size of Trump’s proposed border wall) is intended to do. It is in the interest of the American Regime to prolong the war in Ukraine, to see that land totally devastated and as much Ukrainian blood spent as they and we can afford. If you get nothing else from reading this, you have to understand none of the people with any authority care about dead Ukrainians any more than Putin cared about dead Syrians. These people are sociopaths. Human suffering does not matter to them as long as the mortgage check clears on their country estate in Loudon County, Virginia. They absolutely do not want the war to end if it means Zelensky acquiesces to Putin’s demands. The total destruction of the Ukrainian army, hundreds of thousands dead, is the price Washington wants to pay to keep Ukraine joining NATO on the table, to keep the Deep State playground open, and most importantly to make sure Lockheed and Raytheon get their cut of all the newly printed money just like Pfizer and Moderna have.

The Russo-Ukrainian War and the Regime’s War on its Dissidents

But what does this conflict mean for regular people like us who are impervious to their propaganda? The Regime is dying. This doesn’t mean it is not incredibly powerful (and dangerous). And it may keep going for another half-century. But if the last twenty years punctuated by the Afghan withdrawal are representative of steady, gradual decline (and they are) the “suddenly” of the “gradually, then suddenly” aphorism seems to be just around the bend. Much has been made by economic minds vastly superior to me about how crucial the dollar as the world reserve currency is to American prosperity. If Russia and China (and India and a whole host of other countries) begin buying and selling oil in something other than the dollar, will that be the “suddenly”?

We face the very real prospect that the American standard of living will decline significantly in a very short period. While the odds of an absolute doomsday scenario are nonzero they still are very low, but the likelihood of most Americans simply not being able to afford things they took for granted their entire lives seems likely. If (when?) gasoline reaches $6/-or-$7/gallon, and people are forced to choose which necessities they need to cut back from, much less which conveniences, what will happen? If (when?) a pound of ground beef costs twice an hour of minimum wage labor, what will people be driven to do? That level of political and social unrest no living American has seen. In circumstances like this, the likelihood that the knives come out for dissidents is extremely high. A dying, delegitimized regime is a rabid animal backed into a corner. If the American regime has produced simultaneous inflation and economic stagnation that makes the stagflation of the Carter Administration seem like an economic boom, what will it do to you and me?

As things spiral out of control for the regime, they will tighten their grip on political speech. Musk’s purchase of Twitter notwithstanding (which still has not been completed and with Musk sending cryptic, John McAfee-esque tweets), the regime is hellbent on punishing dissent (which it calls “disinformation”). As the American regime convulses, it is a near certainty that Ricky Vaughn will not be the last poaster to face serious prison time just for posting online. I say this, not to discourage you from speaking the truth in this age of universal deceit, but that you count the cost and know the war we fight is primarily a spiritual war and an information war more than anything else. You are a combatant and the regime is far more aware of this than we are. The flip side of this, and what must be a great encouragement to you, is this: that by spreading the truth you are hastening the death of a bloated, corrupt, and unspeakably evil regime. You must carry on the fight and continue to build things that matter: your family, your church, and your community around you. The evil regime that is the cause of so much misery both at home and abroad will not continue forever. Devoting yourself to the things that matter is how we are winning and how we will win.

It is fair to wonder if this is the reason the Regime has inexplicably admitted Hunter’s laptop is indeed real. I am open to alternative theories, but Biden is an obviously compromised man, a reason he was selected for the presidency. His dealings through his son are one of his obvious vulnerabilities.

Andrew Isker is the pastor of 4th Street Evangelical Church in Waseca, MN. He is a graduate of Minnesota State University and Greyfriar’s Hall Ministerial Training School, and he has served churches in Missouri, West Virginia, and Minnesota. He is the author of the forthcoming book, The Boniface Option. Andrew, his wife Kara, and their five children reside in his hometown of Waseca, MN. He can be found on Gab @BonifaceOption.