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Privacy In Gab’s Parallel Economy

At Gab we value your privacy. Privacy is a crucial component to speaking freely. If you have to worry about not being able to provide for your family anymore because an angry mob of lunatics pressures your employer to fire you, you’re not going to be able to speak freely–if at all. So protecting the privacy of our users is top of mind right now as the Spiritual War unfolds before our eyes, especially as we continue to lay the groundwork for Gab’s Parallel Economy.

We’ve spent a lot of time and energy blocking the IP addresses of dopey academic types who are obsessed with studying the things people are talking about on Gab. Our community is not their science experiment and we do everything we can to stop them from conducting any research. Unfortunately this is like playing whack-a-mole because they inevitably come back under new IP addresses and continue gathering the public-facing data on the site.

So what we are going to do instead is give you the power to create chaos in their data sets and thus call the validity of the data in their “studies” into question. We are doing this by giving you total control over your Gab account data in a way that has never been done before on any other platform.

So go forth and create chaos for the “reeesearchers” and enjoy total control over your Gab account data with these new features.

Self-Destructing Posts

Self-destructing posts was previously a GabPRO feature, but we have now opened up this feature to all Gab users. This feature is baked right into the main Gab composer and can be changed at any time. We have also added a setting in your Preferences page where you can have this feature permanently turned on for all of your posts going forward.

Explore and Filter All Of Your Own Content

The next new feature we built is the ability for you to search and filter your own statuses on Gab in a detailed way. You can search by certain keywords, types of media, reposts, dates, and more. You can then select all posts and delete them in bulk right from this screen. At the bottom of this page you can also mass delete all of your Gab posts without having to delete your entire account and losing all of your network.

Data Export

The creative energy you put into creating content on Gab is important. We want to empower you to back up all of that data and save it for yourself. Perhaps you will want to write a book based on your Gab posts in the future, or perhaps you just want a backup of all of your spicy memes. Now you can do so with our new Data Export feature.

Purge Chat Messages

You can now purge all of your chat messages with someone which will delete your messages for both you, them, and completely from our database.

Other new features added in this update for all users

  • Anyone can now compose rich text (bolditalicunderline) by clicking the “T” icon in the composer (yes, it’s still desktop only). (Previously GabPRO only)
  • Anyone can now change their username (limit 1/day) in their settings page at (Previously GabPRO only)
  • Anyone can now bookmark posts and create bookmark collections. Navigate to your profile and find “Bookmarks” next to “Likes”. Create multiple collections to save/store statuses on Gab. To bookmark a status or comment click the three dot menu (•••) and select “Bookmark status”. (Previously GabPRO only)
  • Fixed issue with bookmark collection creation causing an error/reloading the page and not working,
  • You can now schedule a status with an expiration.
  • Fixed issue when clicking the three dot menu (•••) in a status, the reaction count to that would disappear
  • Added the three dot menu (•••) for a status in your Notifications page so that you can perform blocks, mutes and other actions directly from your notifications.
  • Gab Marketplace is now open for anyone to create listings!
  • GabPro members can create at most 15 listings per day while everyone else can create 3 per day.
  • Also fixed a few pesky issues in regards to listing creation and increased the number of listing images from 4 to 8.