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Parallel Economy Update July 2022

Gab Community,

I’m writing today to update you on Gab’s progress building the Gab Parallel Economy. I’ve also made a video discussing some of these things which you can watch here:

In the past 30 days:
-Gab TV opened for all users to upload to (
-Gab TV video preroll ads are being rolled out
-Gab Marketplace is open for everyone to buy and sell things(
-GabPay is open for US users to have their own Paypal alternative (
-Credit/debit card processing is back for upgrading to GabPRO (
-Massive new privacy features including: self-destructing posts and chats, bulk delete old posts, etc
-Bug fixes to the notifications page experience with more on the way

It’s absolutely unreal what our small team is able to accomplish in a short period of time with a fraction of the resources others in our space have (Parler, Gettr, and Truth Social are all backed by billionaires.)

Gab’s Ad Technology sets us far apart from any player in the alt tech space. No one is anywhere even close to our level when it comes to this. Our ads are privacy-friendly, non-invasive, don’t track users all over the web, and help businesses reach real people who share their values.

The Gab Cloud powers all of Gab on servers that are owned by us. No one else in the space can say this.

Gab Social is the most feature-rich, infrastructure sovereign system of any alt tech platform and our competitors don’t even come close. They are years behind. Years.

We not only have a free speech social network, we have a free speech YouTube alternative, Paypal alternative, a sovereign privacy-friendly advertising platform, a marketplace, and most importantly: the best community of people on the internet.

Thank you all for making this all possible and believing in our team.

We have only just begun.

To God be the glory.