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Embrace Your Calling for Christ’s Parallel Economy

by P.R. Infidel

America has entered an Age of idiocy, and while it’s hard to watch her circle the drain, we can all do something to soften our landing. Specifically, we can use our talents to build the parallel economy Gab’s founder Mr. Torba is advocating.

I realized this a year into the COVID hysteria and renewed the love for writing I’d had as a teenager.    Until then I’d thought of it as a hobby, a way to get through school or have fun on the side. I was happy at my day job-no need to chase down a childhood dream or reach for some lofty goal. Then President Brandon’s shot mandate hit, and that comfortable day job came with a hefty price. It wasn’t only the jab that persuaded me to take up the keyboard again, but the possibility of future jabs or mandates that inspired me.  If they could mandate this rushed “vaccine,” what more would they demand?

I also saw my country dissolving into a dystopian nightmare – my children muzzled like animals, debauchery on the streets, and papers demanded of twelve-year-olds. I wanted to do something about it, and in that time of grief, pressure, and pain, I found solace in my old childhood hobby.

I wrote. I made black lizards’ matter and alligators take the jab.  A deer stood up to political tyranny, and the animals of Horse Ranch endured Immigration Without Representation. Chester the conspiracy cat made mad predictions; his animal friends all thought him crazy until he wasn’t, and President Brandon got the eternal justice his inspiration will likely avoid on this earth.   

The words flowed from my fingers with astounding ease. I’d rarely written short stories before this, yet somehow that was all I could think of, and the second I finished one, another entered my brain, urging completion. It hurt not to write; when I did it was a catharsis for my soul. I felt the healing taking place from the horror I was living through in my (then) blue state home. That’s when I knew this wasn’t me. This was from Him. There was no other explanation.

Many are familiar with the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30) in which Jesus describes a rich man giving a talent (36 grams of silver) to three servants to invest.   What many people don’t know is that the English word talent, meaning affinity or ability for something, originated from this story.  As you may remember, two of the servants come back with more than what was originally given, but the third returned the original sum because he was too afraid to invest.

Unfortunately, many in the Church are like this third servant-hesitant to use their talents.   I believe this is how our entertainment industry became so wicked; too few Christians wanted to wade into it. Perhaps they thought they weren’t good enough, were afraid, or would rather have a root canal than deal with banal Hollywood. Hence, the debased now control almost every cultural aspect of our lives: movies, news, and even book printers. Our culture is swimming in filth, and our economy is corrupt. Therefore, Gab’s founder is urging the construction of a parallel one.

The definition of an economy is: “the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services.” An economy can also mean: “careful management of available resources.” This includes arts and entertainment.

If that sounds like a big deal, it’s because it is.  We must strip America’s current wickedness down to the foundation our founding fathers laid and build a new economy and culture on top, brick by brick.  That’s no easy task and we’re going to need everyone to do it

We will need writers, architects, artists, photographers, videographers, filmmakers, sculptors, woodworkers, jewelry makers, musicians, and more.   We need you. He needs you.  So, think about what you love.  What are your hobbies?  What did you dream of doing as a child? Perhaps it’s time to revisit those old loves, old dreams.  Dust off that flute.  Put batteries in that camera.  Pick up that paintbrush. Sit down at that keyboard.  See what you can do; give your old loves a second chance, and by default give your First Love a return on His investment.

As in the last days of the Roman Empire, the cities are becoming dangerous places to live, inflation and crime are out of control, and the powers perpetuating these ills have gotten awfully good at making sure they stay in power.  There’s no voting our way out of this and shooting our way out will come with a heavy price.  America as we know it is coming to an end, and when she collapses completely, it will be like the fall of Rome.  Chaos will be rampant, people will be heartbroken, and livelihoods will be destroyed, but the church will be there.

When Rome fell, the church provided stability, structure, and direction to troubled citizens. The church had a parallel economy and culture in place, ready and waiting to help others through the anarchy. It was the one steady thing people could cling to in a rapidly changing world and when they did it helped spread the gospel. 

We are the church. We’ve done this before.  We can be ready as our ancestors were for what’s coming.  We must be.

God called me; he’s calling you too. Like everyone, you have a talent or love that God put in you.  If you’ve been ignoring it for years, now is the time for rediscovery, not only for yourself but for Christ’s kingdom and His parallel economy.

Ask yourself what can I do?  I guarantee more than you ever thought possible.

P. R Infidel is a GWOT veteran and issue-focused author who works for the Lord first, fun second, and profits third.  Tales of American Idiocy is her first for-profit published work, and she has several others in production currently. She also has 9 short pieces which are free to read on Wattpad. For now, she still works a professional day job, homeschools her children, and lives in the U.S. with her husband, children, and pets. She credits the Lord for her good health and ability to multitask successfully.