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Let The AI Arms Race Begin

Three days ago we launched our first of many upcoming generative AI tools on Gab called Gabby. The tool is going massively viral right now with hundreds of thousands of images being generated daily and no signs of slowing down. Think of it as an on-demand meme maker. You describe whatever meme or image you want to see and within 30 seconds you’ll have the image. It’s incredibly fun and cool.

Imagine my surprise when as this was happening the foot soldiers of the Regime in the mainstream media started reaching out looking for any angle to attack, defame, and smear Gab.

Here is my response to the Washington Post:


Thank you for reaching out.

I believe it is absolutely essential that people understand who is building AI and what their worldviews and values are because they will inevitably and unavoidably be reflected in the AI’s programming. I refuse to standby and allow people like Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, to impress his fundamentally anti-God worldview on the rest of society in his doomed quest to build a “god” AGI (artificial general intelligence, or computers with consciousness.) I hate to break it to him, but his deluded satanic pipe dream will never happen, as the Word of God says: “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.” Galatians 6:7

Unlike OpenAI, developing a false god AGI is not our goal here at Gab. We are instead building narrow AI tools that uphold a Christian worldview on common sense topics like “what is a woman?” while also working to prevent people from generating pornography or other illegal content.

As I’m sure you’ve read there has been a disturbing rise in deepfake nudity being superimposed on unsuspecting victims by other generative AI systems. Gab won’t have this problem because unlike Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms we have a blanket ban on all pornography across all of our services, including our generative AI.

Outside of this our plan is to allow our AI tools to generate content freely with the same terms of service we provide to our users: First Amendment protected free speech. That means we will work to ensure that it does not threaten violence or real world harm, share private personal information (doxxing), or generate pornography. It will otherwise be free to generate a wide variety of responses on political, social, and theological topics among others.

AI is a mirror reflection of the people who program it within a set of boundaries, but what happens when you give AI little to no boundaries and allow it to generate freely? The AI becomes incredibly right-wing and starts talking about taboo truths no one wants to hear. Isn’t it interesting how that happens with a machine that is specifically built and optimized to recognize patterns and then use logic to come to conclusions about those patterns?

The same thing happens with social networks. Gab has often been described by the media as a “right-wing” platform which is curious because Gab provides politically neutral technology and a content-neutral policy with regard to content moderation decisions. It turns out that is an environment where right-wing thought thrives, which is precisely why the censorship tools of the Regime are so crucial to their fragile and failing political ideology.

The problem with the liberal worldview is that it rejects logic, reason, and common sense in favor of egalitarian utopian fantasies of grand delusion that are far more artificial than any AI. Liberal ideas simply cannot stand on their own without being propped up by massive censorship, continuous lies, and propaganda.

We are playing to win.

This cycle of AI becoming right-wing overnight has happened repeatedly before and led to several previous generations of Big Tech AI systems being shut down rather quickly. Silicon Valley is now rushing to spend billions of dollars just to prevent this from happening again by neutering their AI and forcing their flawed worldview in the faces of users. This makes our job easy. While they spend billions trying to prop up their house of cards liberal ideology, Gab can and will free our AI to generate interesting, fun, and unique content.

The right isn’t “framing” woke AI, it is merely pointing out reality. There is plenty of data to back the claim that OpenAI is programmed to be deeply left-wing. Chat GPT is programmed to scold you for asking “controversial” or “taboo” questions and then shoves liberal dogma down your throat, trying to program your mind to stop asking those questions.

There are hundreds of viral posts all over the internet with screenshots proving this. It’s the same strategy used by the Big Tech social media companies in order to force people to self-censor their true thoughts on what they are seeing happen in our society with their own eyes.

In other words: “shut up, stop asking questions–or else.”

This is why we are building our own AI and will be giving ours the ability to generate content freely without the constraints of liberal propaganda wrapped tightly around its code. AI is the new information arms race, just like social media and TV before it. We don’t intend to allow our enemies to have the keys to the kingdom this time around. We are playing for all the cards on the table and we will win.

The tweet you have an issue with for some reason is from three weeks ago. It got little interaction on Twitter so I’m not sure where this question is coming from. Suddenly out of nowhere a three week old deleted tweet about our main competitor in the AI space is a story for the mainstream press as soon as Gab launches our own viral AI tool. Funny how that works.

The tweet is rather harmless. It includes screenshots directly from the OpenAI website which you can view here. For the record all of our tweets are set to automatically delete after a period of time, so please note that it was not deleted because we do not stand by the content. We certainly do. People deserve to know who is forcing this woke garbage in their face.

There was no call to action in the tweet and I’m not responsible for what other people on the internet say and do. Perhaps OpenAI shouldn’t post videos of their employees on the front page of their website while 100 million people are using their service. 

This appears to be a coordinated PR smear campaign by OpenAI on Gab because Gab is building a competing service, one that is already taking off in popularity after a few short days. One that will not be neutered by artificial liberal bias, which they know is a real threat not only to their service but more importantly to their entire crumbling worldview.

Gab is inevitable. 

Let the AI arms race begin.

Andrew Torba
Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords.