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VICE decided to put out a hit piece on Gab today and like good “journalists” they didn’t even bother reaching out to us for comment.

We invite any VICE reader to actually visit Gab for yourself and see if the picture they paint about us is at all accurate, because it’s not. The Mockingbird Media‘s pathetic and desperate attempts to smear Gab and alt-tech have failed for four years and they will continue to fail perpetually.

“Despite the popular narrative that Silicon Valley companies are dominated by liberals, there are people with further right viewpoints in important positions.”


There is one thing VICE mentioned in this hit piece that is very true. There are many patriots inside of Big Tech companies in very powerful positions. They love Gab. They hate what is happening to Silicon Valley products. They see the writing on the wall and are now applying to work at Gab and other alt-tech companies in droves. Buzzfeed’s Ryan Mac tends to agree!

Good points aside, VICE couldn’t get away with one article before writing fan fiction nonsense trying to paint the Gab community as a bunch of terrorists.

This is not simply a matter of providing a place where people can express controversial opinions: Two neo-Nazi groups, the Base and Atomwaffen Division, that are under an intense FBI crackdown and are connected to terrorist activities, have actively used Gab as a recruitment platform.


The Base and Atomwaffen Division are not and have never been welcome on Gab. VICE and the author Ben Makuch know this. We are on the record in an article he wrote in July of 2019 where we say:

“We vigorously deny your assertion that terror groups ‘thrive’ on our site. We don’t want them, we strongly discourage them from joining and we ban them when they cross the line, as they often do,”

Gab in an email to VICE in 2019

Fed posting (a poster who openly calls for violence against others or encourages one to break the law in some manner) is not and has never been allowed on Gab. We’ve also worked closely with law enforcement to make sure this activity is not happening on Gab. You can read more about our data disclosure policies here.

Nothing can stop the rise of alt-tech and therefore nothing can stop the rise of Gab, the industry leader of alt-tech.

Gab is a community of peace. These false media narratives have no solid ground to stand on. We have no tolerance for illegal activity and threats of violence and have always made that very clear.

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Andrew Torba
CEO, Gab,com
Jesus is King
November 20th, 2020